TERA with a new thinking to bring an operational revolution

Tera was developed by Bluehole Inc, a large-scale multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by NHN Games. The game name comes from the Greek language. Through real combat action – goals, dodge and time your tense and meaningful tactical combat attacks. Add the best combination of MMO’s best first-class combat mechanics, with a profound two-style social experience. The game was launched in Korea on August 18, 2011 in Korea on August 18, 2011 in Korea, 2012, May 3, 2012 in Europe, February 26, 2015 in Russia, before the date of release Closed and open beta test. NHN, NHN Japan, En Masse Entertainment and Gameforge released the games in these areas. In February 2013, the game was renamed Tera: Rising also launched a free game mode.

In February 2013, Tera was transformed into “Tera Rising” in North America and Europe, changing the subscription model to the “free value-added” design (free game plus purchase premium status and customization options). The developer promises to update the player’s time, grade, or content limit after this update. Buy 30 days of “elite” status of the players will get more underground city rewards, in-game discounts and other yuan game advantage. Many of the devices in the game need to buy Tera Gold, due to the new model, the above “Chronoscrolls” is being phased out, no longer sold by developers, can not extend the game time. The existing chronoscrolls can be sold to merchants 2000 gold.


The biggest feature of the game is the “non-target” (non-target) attack, unlike the current online game is the first decision to attack the target, and then attack the attack mode, the R & D team wants to allow the player to experience the greatest realist battle.

While “7 big games, 10 big jobs” for another game feature that can use a variety of different gender roles. Whether it is my own “Brahma” (men and women), gentle and honest “Popoli” (limited to men), cute dream Lolo “Irene” (limited women), all-around “(men and women) People, men, women, and other special races, or sword fighters, gunmen, bombers, slaves, archers, mages, priests, elements, swordsman, magician and other large diversified career, any player free Choose to create a unique personal style role.

Speaking of playing TERA has been more than two years, in the United States also experienced a lot of activities and activities, know a lot of friends, in general, or very much like this game, here talk about my game a whole feeling, more hope that friends experience their own.


1. Unique combat mode, making Daguai upgrade the ordinary version has become wonderful, but also the biggest selling point of the game. Basically all the professional skills are not locked, whether it is PVE or PVP, you need to aim at your skills to hit the damage, the same thing is basically can avoid the damage. This combat system makes the player’s personal power fully in line with the skills.

2. Absolutely beloved art, each game has its own unique character design, different game career is completely different gaming experience. Remove the characters, TERA map art unparalleled, with the magnificent copy of the landscape and interior will make you amazing, so a long time the game also allows me to find a lot of great maps in the great scenery, you can view the desktop.

3. The server has a more user-friendly planning, such as those who do not like PVP PVE PVE server can enjoy the game you want to experience. Which allows players to better integrate and pay some considerable friends, after all, MMO, no small partner is not enough.


1. Game optimization is very bad, no matter how good your configuration, the main city players together, or a small pile of small heap of the place, you will find your frame number becomes low and poor. The official has not made a good change, and even more ridiculed their own propaganda video, from time to time will appear in this place.

2. Nexon’s response to the ever-decreasing player is to add new jobs to attract new players. New business is generally simple and crude, although the game is not simple, but in some respects relative to other old business is more unfair.

While also heard a lot of unsatisfied TERA and negative feedback, they went through some official questions and had to hit some friends who had given up the pit. Overall is a great online game.

Have to admit that this is the most happy of all the internal play, very simple fighting style is not like World of Warcraft, do not need krypton gold is not like the spirit of the sword, (although I still Krypton), the game engine is a few years ago , The current photo can be rendered so very acceptable. You can see someone else’s assessment will say what sex discrimination, but I think it is acceptable, after all, mmorpg play is sister.

There are a lot of people say that the new work is not balanced, simple operation, you can hit high damage, but I want to say or skills almost, playing skills to use, as long as the technology, the new job can only be said to attract new players to create, Novice easier to get started, in fact, this leisure professional play is also very boring. Simply put, but when the best time to pull a few friends did not play together, do their own single brush boring, called a guild friend is the most happy. Upgrade is super simple, 3 days should be able to full level, less than a week should Able to 427 (the highest server, etc.).

But indeed mmorpg too much, there are a lot of optimization and pictures, resulting in the loss of tera players, the server’s first line now only six. In general, relative to other mmorpg. “TERA” to lock the revolutionary mode of combat, to subvert the traditional online games to equip the old level of thinking, really bring an operational revolution! The ultimate action, so you play the most pull the wind of their own!

Madden NFL cover characters

In EA’s entire sports game product line, the most successful is neither “FIFA” nor “NBA Live”, but only the American favorite “Madden NFL”. EA called it “the largest and most exciting hockey game to date” and believes that “NFL 17″ will bring the player a deeper, more free gaming experience through the game that best fits the current trend. ” Each new version of the launch, corresponding to the various versions of the platform can easily occupy the top few games in North America game sales. This series has been selling for 17 years, total sales of more than 51 million copies, EA earned more than 1.7 billion US dollars of banknotes.

Before 1999, the annual “Madden NFL” cover is its famous celebrity – Rugby Hall of Fame members, legendary player, coach, commentator John Madden. Since the beginning of 1999, EA has started to select the top players in the league as a cover.

For such a game, it becomes the cover of the person should be the dream of the league players. But somewhere like God, the line in recent years, rumors of a “Madden curse”, who became a “Madden” cover of the players will always appear such a problem, such as the state of decline, injuries and so on. Among them, Shaun Alexander led the team won the 2005 Super Bowl won the league MVP, but in the 2007 version of the cover player, after a year even no team willing to sign and face unemployment. More exaggerated, the 2004 version of the cover character Michael Vick was elected after the leg injury missed most of the season, and later because of the organization of fighting dogs, animal cruel was sentenced to 23 months imprisonment. Most of the cover characters in the last five or six years have met the “strange” thing. But he denied the existence of “curse”, said the survey shows that the cover players on the whole and there will be no rapid changes in the state. Of course, we still have more energy in the game, I often at https://www.onlinegameshop.com/madden-nfl-17 buy Madden 17 Coins. that is very friendly site, I hope the majority of netizens can also with me The same as eliminating the effects of Madden’s curse.

Perhaps in order to “change the mood”, EA is negotiating a way to decide the cover candidates. They are prepared to use the auction, by the league’s professional players to compete freely, the highest bidder was elected cover characters. The proceeds are all donated to the NFL charity partner United Ways Foundation. The league has at least 50 players willing to pay a big price on the game cover.

In the 51st session of the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots, who had been 25 points behind, scored the score in the final 20 minutes of the game under the leadership of the quarterback Tom Breddy and played in overtime Array, completed the biggest reversal of the history of the Super Bowl. Brady also won the fifth career Super Bowl champion, in the quarterback to become the first person in history.

The next few seasons, Brady will be in the regular season to catch up with several predecessors, in the playoffs continue to refresh their record. In his time, to witness his legendary career, but also our lucky. We are here to wish him to continue his love of football, keep as high a level as possible, continue to be successful over the next few years and get the Madden NFL cover.

NBA Live Mobile changed some of the game mode

NBA Live Mobile is a game for mobile devices running Android and iOS. It was developed by EA Sports, which can run on Android 3.2 or iOS 7 or later phones and tablets. Games need Internet connectivity, but it is necessary to refresh some of the game mode games, such as online players head-to-head games and live events.

You can use your Facebook, Google or Apple account to sign in to the game. Also, you can also log in to use only your device without this 3-party account. After logging in, you will be greeted by Russel Westbrook’s dunk face and you will be asked to choose a team. The team you choose will not affect the player you get. After logging in, you will be instructed to complete some tutorial sessions. These tutorials will teach you how to control the players on the pitch.

After completing the tutorial set, you can now start playing the game. You can play games in four modes, live events, head to head, season and league. At the beginning, the goal is to learn the game and get more points. You can do this by playing season mode. In this mode, you are on the AI ​​team. This is a good model to start practicing game commands.

Your team will consist of five five-man squad. You can play two-way, small ball, shoot, defensive or adult lineup. You will be able to practice these lines in the NBA Live Mobile season mode.

To control the movement of the player, you will use the virtual joystick at the bottom left of the screen. You can use the virtual button at the bottom right of the screen for aggressive and defensive movement. When you grind in season mode, you will get more coins and items. You can use coins to buy a player card to raise your roster.

The NBA Live Mobile Live mode provides you with a different experience every time. In this mode, you need to complete the task, for example, and your defensive team point guard to leave three defenses, or in the supervision of the defeat team. The event has a start and end time, so it changes every time you log in. NBA LIVE phone is a fun game. The variety of play modes make it fun and addictive. It is easy to learn, but you need to experience playing other players to master the game.

Coins and endurance limit your experience. Coins are used to purchase packages and players while endurance is used every time. When you upgrade, you will get a stamina raise. Your endurance stock is also added over time. I have always been buying cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins 24/7 friendly service LOLGA, buy NBA coins and cheap NBA live mobile coins fastest delivery and the lowest price, 100% safe! So I will not worry when the transaction, so I am more wholeheartedly put in the game.

Because the player you get in the package is random, it’s not a paid game type. You actually need the skills to play the game to beat the other players. Get the most number of packs of players have the best chance to build a great team. However, the package can be obtained by playing a game or buying from a store. Players who do not want to study it can use real money. But if you want to play free, you can get the package by enjoying the variety of play modes of the game.

Forza Horizon 3 has become a leader in racing games

“Extreme Racing: Horizon 3” game screen can be said to be among the same type of leader, but I found that individuals equipped with I7-4970K with GTX980TI, the effect is fully open in the open scene, if encountered rain or jungle Complex terrain or scene, the number of sheets per second will drop to 45 to 55 range.

“Extreme Racing: Horizon 3” This set in Australia, open and charming scenery may be to attract most of the players one of the reasons, the game realistic light and shadow with the environment, one of the bright eyes in the game players can Experience the beach, jungle, desert, grassland and other different scenery, and even special attractions can be excavated, the player in the roaming mode, you can enjoy a good appreciation.

As the horizon series with the original “extreme racing” difference is that the core play is slightly different, the former is more like casual racing, the latter is the quiz to really drive experience, the entertainment and the proposed between the very good Balance point, contains more than 350 cars, a variety of mainstream models, super lineup luxury.

Open the special part of the game, you have to prepare three God car, one is the fastest car, the other is the need for light enough, flexible cross-country ATV, the last one is specially used after the adjustment Flying tail of the tail car, the speed of the car I was open BUGATTI VEYRON, off-road vehicle is ARIEL NOMAD, flick is TOYOTA Celica GT, this way you can get at least 90% to 95% of the 3 stars, but there are A few really very difficult, the next test is also a lot of times before the wood factory that dangerous sign is probably I think the most difficult, but in the end or off the wild beach car had, more bouncing force, just flying out That moment there is a bounce up before the flicker area recommended to open the level of C around the car, and then in the upgrade upgrade others specifically designed to flick the kit, the speed camera are all easy to use BUGATTI, almost all One can pass, the speed range there are a few need a little skill, if it is really hard to look at the list of the world’s top 10 is what car, reference to see and then directly loaded into the design of others go try Can be over, flick all with TOYOTA Celica GT all over the breath. As for the extreme task of this really easy to change a lot, almost do not have to check the video will be able to all over, basically try to try a few times,

Unlike the previous racing game, players in the “extreme racing: Horizon 3” is not just playing racing drivers, but Horizon Carnival sponsors, players have accumulated through the fans, all kinds of competition activities will be extended to all over Australia , You can also customize the game blueprint, set the type of vehicle, rules of the game, and upload and share.

As well as 150 and so on, shoot 300 cars, point over 75 technical stores … and so on, these are cumulative achievements, play to the last in the red when the championship will be one by one to unlock, even if the final tournament are finished, The solution of the words and then seriously to the solution just fine. But if you can buy Forza Horizon 3 Credits at https://www.onlinegameshop.com/forza-horizon-3/forza-horizon-3-credits then your car will be cool and the game experience will be richer.The The rest of the miscellaneous achievements are in the game to unlock the carnival venue is also a store with the garage, players can buy vehicles here, replace the painting, transformation vehicles, etc., can also enter the auction to buy other players designed vehicles.

And then share a successful experience, HORIZON promotional activities to shoot three hundred cars I choose different grades of cars to open a race is then run together to shoot the audience, shoot back or switch to continue to shoot, one can shoot several