Let’s check out Season 3 Rewards of Rocket League

Rocket League’s most recent Competitive Season is coming to a conclusion shortly, which means it’s time to award some prizes to players based on their performance over the past few months. Season 3 will end on August 11th, and Psyonix has disclosed the details of the new awards that players may expect. The best of the best will receive additional incentives, as has been the case in previous seasons, to commemorate their efforts during Season 3.

Season 3 Rewards, like the previous season, provide titles to players with the Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend ranks. These are the following:

Grand Champion Title Rewards

• Competitive Grand Champion: “S3 GRAND CHAMPION” in Crimson text

• Rumble Grand Champion: “S3 RNG CHAMP” in Crimson text

• Hoops Grand Champion: “S3 DUNK MASTER” in Crimson text

• Snow Day Grand Champion: “S3 BLIZZARD WIZARD” in Crimson text

• Dropshot Grand Champion: “S3 FLOOR DESTROYER” in Crimson text

Supersonic Legend Title Rewards

• Competitive Supersonic Legend: “S3 SUPERSONIC LEGEND” in Titanium White text

• Rumble Supersonic Legend: “S3 RNGENIUS” in Titanium White text

• Hoops Supersonic Legend: “S3 LEGENDARY BALLER” in Titanium White text

• Snow Day Supersonic Legend: “S3 ICE TITAN” in Titanium White text

• Dropshot Supersonic Legend: “S3 TILE ANNIHILATOR” in Titanium White text

Here’s the full Season Rewards Breakdown:

• Bronze I or higher – Season 3 – Bronze Decal

• Silver I or higher – Season 3 – Silver Decal + lower Decal

• Gold I or higher – Season 3 – Gold Decal + lower Decals

• Platinum I or higher – Season 3 – Platinum Decal + lower Decals

• Diamond I or higher – Season 3 – Diamond Decal + lower Decals

• Champion I or higher – Season 3 – Champion Decal + lower Decals

• Grand Champion I – Season 3 – Grand Champion Decal + lower Decals

• Supersonic Legend – Season 3 – Supersonic Legend Decal + lower Decals

Tournament Credits will be reset when Season 3 concludes, just as they were when Season 2 finished and Season 3 began. All-Star Cup Rewards will be converted from existing Tournament Credits. One All-Star Cup Reward will be given to players who have competed in a Competitive Tournament and have between 0 and 12,000 Tournament Credits. Players with more than 12,000 Tournament Credits will earn additional All-Star Cup Rewards based on their total number of Tournament Credits. (By the way, if you lack Rocket League Credits, LOLGA maybe can solve your problem, as a professional Rocket League Trading website, LOLGA has taken care of a lot of customers, you would get satisfied service on LOLGA),  The breakdown can be found below.

• 0 to 12,000 Tournament Credits: Receive 1 All-Star Cup Reward

• 12,001 to 24,000 Tournament Credits: Receive 2 All-Star Cup Rewards

• 24,001 to 36,000 Tournament Credits: Receive 3 All-Star Cup Rewards

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Animal Crossing – The exciting ACNH Firework Show 2021 is about to begin

Animal Crossing New Horizons hasn’t received a new update in a long time, and the next free ACNH update is slated to arrive in late July. After the Wedding Season concludes in June, the Fireworks Show will be the next great event to return to New Horizons. We’ll go over all you need to know about ACNH Fireworks 2021 in this guide, including the showtime, schedule, items, prizes, changes, and more.

ACNH Fireworks Show Event 2021

Nintendo will not announce a current-year event until we get close to the event date. While many events have returned to New Horizons, other festivals and festivities have been canceled in the game. The ACNH Fireworks Show 2021 will most likely be announced during the ACNH Summer update, which will take place between July 16 and July 31.

You can meet Jolly Redd at the ACNH Fireworks event, and he organizes a raffle where you can win various prizes, but you’ll need enough bells to receive those festive ACNH items at Redd’s raffle. In addition to the prizes offered by Redd, you can meet Isabelle outside of Resident Services and speak with her; you’ll receive one free special Bopper item from her, and you can submit a creative design to Isabelle, which will be transformed into sky fireworks.

Time & Schedule

According to last year’s Fireworks schedule, which was planned for every Sunday in August, the first ACNH Fireworks performance in 2021 will most likely be on August 1. The Fireworks show is beautiful in the night sky, and players were able to build bespoke Fireworks patterns last year, which added to the excitement of the event. This year’s event is not to be missed.

We can see Fireworks Show five times in ACNH throughout August. Below is the detailed time

August 1, 2021

August 8, 2021

August 15, 2021

August 22, 2021

August 29, 2021.

ACNH Fireworks Show Items & Prizes

In addition to the spectacular fireworks display, the event offers the opportunity to win prizes from Redd and Isabelle.

How do I get Redd’s Fireworks prizes? Spend 500 ACNH Bells on a raffle ticket(read our ACNH Bells guide to quickly get bells), and Redd will let you pick a number from his raffle. Whichever number you choose, you will be guaranteed a gift. You will receive one prize at random from a pool of 12 prizes based on your lottery ticket number. Raffle tickets can be purchased an unlimited number of times.

ACNH Fireworks Prizes

• Tweeter

• Blue Balloon

• Red Balloon

• Yellow Balloon

• Green Balloon

• Pink Balloon

• Red Sparkler

• Blue Sparkler

• Fountain Firework

• Bubble Blower

• Uchiwa Fan

• Pinwheel

• Some Fireworks event items can you get

• Casual Kimono (Green, Dark Blue, Aqua & Mustard)

• Kabuki-Actor Yukata (Gray, Dark Blue & Fuchsia)

• Morning-Glory Yukata (White, Aqua, Pale Green & Dark Blue)

• Zori (Aqua, White, Black, Pink, Light Pink, Red, Gold & Green)

• Bulb Bopper

• Flower Bopper

• Heart Bopper

• Star Bopper

Is it possible to see new items at the 2021 Fireworks Show? This year, Nintendo has improved or added new content to all of the recurring events, including Bunny Day, May Day, International Museum Day, and Wedding Season. As a result, we should expect some changes to the Fireworks Show as well.

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Credits can be used to buy RL Items such as a player banner or a rocket trail and blueprints to unlock other items. We’ll teach you how to earn credits in Rocket League for free via external trading platforms as well as the in-game store.

Unlike many other free-to-play games, Rocket League does not allow you to earn credits just by playing. You’ll have to get them through the store instead, although there are a few options.

1. The first option is to purchase your credits in full. Because each credit is worth $0.01, 500 credits cost $5. The higher-priced bundles have the same base value per credit as the lower-priced bundles, with a little extra thrown in.

2. You can earn credits with the Rocket Pass, Rocket League’s version of a battle pass, in addition to purchasing them. The Rocket Pass costs 1,000 credits ($10) and rewards you with cosmetic items, XP boost tokens, and credits as you progress through the levels. Up until tier 60, you’ll earn 100 credits every 12 tiers. After that, at tier 67, you’ll receive 100 additional credits before the Rocket Pass reaches tier 70.

3. Picking up a pack in Rocket League earns you credits in the same way as the Rocket Pass does. Packs cost actual money instead of credits and include a variety of cosmetic items as well as some credits. The finest offer is the Starter Pack, which is accessible to all new players. You’ll get an imported body and rocket boost for $5, as well as extremely uncommon wheels and trail, a rare decal, and 500 credits.

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You can only trade with players on the same platform as you, however, because of Rocket League’s cross-progression, you can see your tradeable items from any platform. Unreleased Blueprints, things acquired from the shop, and extra gifts are among the items that cannot be traded. Similarly, you cannot exchange credits for credits or for free credits.

Once you’ve located a trade partner, get on the same platform as them and invite them to your Rocket League party. Then Select Invite to Trade after selecting the player. A countdown will begin once both players have added and confirmed their trade items. During the countdown, you can still cancel the deal. You’ll have your new items after it’s finished.

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Animal Crossing – How to Make a Scorpion Farm on a Mystery Island

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, it’s scorpion season in the Northern Hemisphere, and these nasty tiny pests are everywhere. However, the 8,000 ACNH Bells retail price makes growing them worthwhile.

Scorpions can be found between the hours of 7 p.m. and 4 a.m. from May to October (November to April for the Southern Hemisphere). Because scorpions breed in flat, open regions, a well-decorated island is unlikely to yield many scorpions.

You can visit a scorpion mystery island via Dodo Airlines, but you can also create your own! It takes some effort, but you’ll be rolling in scorpions in no time. This article will show you how to create a scorpion island farm on your own.

Go to Mystery Island

You must prepare before departing for a mysterious island. Before you leave for the airport, check out the list below for activities to do.

• Remove everything from your inventory except your shovel, net, and ax.

• Check to see if your shovel and net are still durable.

• Buy Nook Miles Tickets to visit a few different islands.

A DIY scorpion island will take up space in your inventory and require solid tools. It’s fine if you can’t produce any extra shovels or nets. On the beach of every mystery island, there are palm trees. Cutting them down will provide you with enough materials to make a flimsy shovel and net, as well as the opportunity to buy some tools from Wilbur.

Bamboo Island

You should ideally be on a bamboo island. It’s alright if you don’t get to one with your initial ticket. We’ll talk about converting some of the other mysterious islands into a scorpion farm later. Let’s look at bamboo islands for the time being.

Clear Island

You’ve arrived on a bamboo island, which is densely covered in plants, flowers, and bamboo. Everything must be removed in order to turn this lovely island into a scorpion farm. Below is a checklist of all the actions that must be completed before scorpions begin to spawn in large numbers.

• Chop down every bamboo tree and dig out their stump

• Remove every flower (by picking, not digging them up)

• Pick every weed

• Destroy any rocks (you’ll need to eat some fruit to do this)

• Dig up any fossils or bamboo shoots in the ground

There will be no scorpions in the beach area, so feel free to throw anything here. You can also eat fruits to help dig up bamboo trees and replant them on the beach. Make the island as desolate as possible. Scorpions may still be able to breed in the presence of flowers and weeds, but they can also hide in these areas. To avoid any unnecessary scorpion bites, it’s best to be cautious and remove everything.

Building The Farm

If the island is devoid of vegetation, scorpions will appear. You should set up a safe zone before you start catching them. If you are bitten by a scorpion, you will pass out and wake up next to Wilbu.

All you have to do to avoid being bitten is dig holes in a small, enclosed area. Excavate a space for you to stand in, leaving the center clean. Take a look at the image above for some inspiration! Scorpions (and Tarantulas!) cannot jump over holes, but you can catch them if you stand near the edge. Additionally, scorpions that spawn inside can be trapped and safely captured in this space. This approach can also be used to raise tarantulas.

Other Islands

You might not be able to visit a bamboo mystery island because there are various distinct sorts of mystery islands. Fortunately, several of these additional islands can also be reached using this approach. In general, you’ll take the same basic steps.

Keep in mind that some islands are one-of-a-kind and will only spawn specific objects and creatures. Because these don’t generate scorpions, you won’t be able to establish this farm if you come across one. The following islands are scorpion-free:

• Hardwood Tree Island

• Curly River Island

• Rugged Tree Island

You should now have a good understanding of how to set up a scorpion farm on a mysterious island! It’s not difficult, but it does necessitate some elbow grease. Stock up on scorpions, which can be purchased for 8,000 bells each. Flick will buy them for 12,000 bells if he comes to your island. Consider how much money you’ll make if you have a large inventory of them.

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