ACNH January Update – Changes, Items & New Events

We will take a look at all the exciting improvements and updates you can expect in January in Animal Crossing New Horizons in this post, covering all the information you need to know about the January Update of ACNH.

1. ACNH January Events

Finishing Tourney (Northern Hemisphere)

On January 9th, players can expect to enjoy the fishing tourney event, which can mean more opportunities or maybe even your first opportunity if you bought the sport recently to urge many fun fishing and fish related items from CJ as you rack up points in his tournament. Though this event isn’t a fresh addition to the sport, it’s still really fun and you’ll definitely make some good Animal Crossing Bells since CJ will buy all of your spare fish for extra. the things that are exclusive to the present vent are literally pretty cool too, so we definitely recommend going after them just like the cooler is basically amazing. you’ll play this event online with friends if you want, which suggests a way more heated competition, aren’t getting too angry at one another. If you are doing this, you’ll even be ready to play the event for free of charge, instead of paying a participation fee. this is often just a cheeky little tip on the way to save money for the event. The event itself isn’t too competitive since your villagers won’t actually take part, so adding a number of your best pals to the combination may be a specialized idea.

2. Fresh Bugs, Fish and Sea Creatures by ACNH January

Of course, you can expect to discover a lot of fun new exciting bugs, fish, and sea creatures with the turn of a new month to search for around your island. Unfortunately, there is no fresh fish in the northern hemisphere or any leaving, but the sweet fish, napoleon fish, pufferfish, blue marlin, and ocean sunfish are all in the southern hemisphere. The tadpole is also about to leave for players in the southern hemisphere. Again, no new bugs for the northern hemisphere, but for players in the southern hemisphere, there are a lot of bugs.

3. ACNH New Products for January

You can get yourself some limited time new year things from January 1st to January 15th, and these are honestly all very good. To get here, there are seven new Animal Crossing items in all, each with some cultural significance for the part of the world from which it originates. By clicking the details button, which is very cool, you will actually find more detailed details about them.

4. ACNH Seasonal Shifts for January

Unfortunately, in January there are no new seasonal changes, but you can expect the Christmas light season to end on January 6th, from this point on you will not be able to get any of the new ornaments from the trees to be used for crafting, nor will you be able to get any of the balloons’ festive DIY recipes. If you’re sick of the snow, you’re going to have to wait until late February for it to go down, but that means you can enjoy the snowflakes and make snowmen, so that’s not all the downsides. In January, there are still things to enjoy that we strongly suggest making the most of before it is too late.

5. ACNH Update for January

Of course, the most exciting thing for us on this list is the January update that will occur sometime at the end of this month. We don’t know when or what exactly the update will contain, but we do know that the latest festival event and the character Pave that will appear in February will be added. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like anything more is going to happen this January, but it’s exciting to know that next month, we should expect a new event to emerge. In the future, hopefully, January will get some more attention, as it’s probably one of the most underwhelming months of the game, there isn’t really that much new going on.

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