After a new arena triggers seizures, the Rocket League creates new usability features

The new arena for the Rocket League, Neon Fields, is a cyberpunk-themed pitch with plenty of neon-on-black colors and flashing lights. Unfortunately, some players reported having epileptic seizures due to the severity of the visual effects after its launch last month, and there has been no way to delete the map from the pool so far. Fortunately, Psyonix has announced that a new alternative will be introduced to reduce the severity of the Neon Field effects.

As our friends at The Loadout have confirmed, the latest Neon Fields arena of Season Two is about neon lights and large subwoofers, and the bright flashing led to seizures in epilepsy players. This happened to be true at the same time Cyberpunk 2077 players noticed a similar phenomenon in the braindance sequences of the RPG game, and actually ‘disliking’ a specific map in Rocket League does not delete it from your match queue.

A few days ago, Psyonix posted an announcement with details about an upcoming update to the Rocket League subreddit, due on February 1. This patch will include an option to adjust the strength of the effects from ‘default’ to ‘low’ in Neon Fields.

Neon Fields will have the following changes in the ‘low’ setting, as described in Psyonix’s post:

• Disables all pulsing effects
• Disables all flashing lights
• Reduces or disables moving FX/lights/background visuals
• Reduces brightness or intensity of background lights

That update goes live February 1 at 16:00 PST / 19:00 EST and at 0:00 February 2 GMT.

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