Animal Crossing: New Horizons:Check out new Events and seasonal items in September 2022

Welcome to our guide for the ACNH September Update 2022. Let’s talk about the new events to celebrate, and the new Animal Crossing items to buy for the season.

September Update 2022

Time flies—we will soon be in the second half of 2022, and September ushers in a brand-new season. This implies that a fresh wave of seasonal-related events and items will return to our island life with a new look, in addition to the aesthetics and weather occurrences on our Animal Crossing New Horizons islands. So stick with us to learn more about the September 2022 ACNH Update!

ACNH September Changes

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, September marks the beginning of a new season, with fall beginning in the northern hemisphere and winter ending in the southern hemisphere. As a result, you’ll start to notice some changes to the natural scenery surrounding your island, including changes in tree color, grass color, brush flower color, weather phenomenon, and decorations.

Northern HemisphereAs compared to August’s darker green, the grass has already started to change subtly. However, it will continue to change over the month, eventually becoming a more faded green before changing to the orange color associated with autumn. With some pumpkins outdoors, Nook’s Cranny gains a very wonderful fall appearance. And once more, our island will likely be covered in dense fog and river fog.

Southern HemisphereHere in your area, spring has already started, thus the grass should already be withered and moldy-looking by the end of the month. Instead of clouds ceasing to breed, rainbows will begin to appear as springtime arrives.

September Events 2022

September will surely usher in new celebrations of fall-themed holidays on our island. You will receive a lot of new seasonal items to pass out, some of which are back from last year and others that are the result of revamped content:

Grape Harvest Festival

Dates: 1 to 30 September (Both Hemisphere)

Available Items: Grape-Harvest Basket

The Grape Harvest Festival, the first festival in September, was often influenced by celebrations in Europe that focused on grapes and the food they were used to produce. This event will start in September to officially kick off the fall harvest season in the Northern Hemisphere, just like it did last year. Additionally, it will bring with it the lovely seasonal item, the Grape-Harvest Basket, which can be bought in the Nook Shopping Special Items section.

Moon-Viewing Day

Dates: 10 to 19 September (Both Hemisphere)

Available Items: Tsukimi Dango, Moon Cakes, Moon Rug

The Heian era saw the introduction of this Chinese-inspired holiday, also known as Mid-Autumn Day, to Japan. It is observed on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the Japanese lunar calendar. Moon-shaped confections known as Tsukimi Dango are manufactured as well as decorations using the ornamental plant Susuki (sometimes called Miscanthus in the West). Moon Rug, Tsukimi Dango, and Moon Cakes will all be for sale on Nook’s Cranny in honor of the holiday, which is celebrated in China.


Dates: 10 to 19 September (Both Hemisphere)

Available Items: Songpyeon

Chuseok is a long-standing holiday in Korean culture that honors the harvest. The term “hangawi,” which means “the great half of autumn” in languages, is where the name originated. In reality, the event is held during the second half of the autumn. Going back to their home country and hosting a feast in honor of their ancestors is customary to ensure the harvest is safe. Animal Crossing: New Horizons will soon allow us to celebrate Chuseok as well, owing to the addition of a brand-new seasonal item exclusive to this event!

ACNH September DIY Recipes & Items To Craft

Date: September 1 to December 10 (Northern Hemisphere)

Craft Material To Collect: Acorn, Pine Cone

Items To Craft:

Acorn Pochette

Leaf Campfire

Pile of Leaves

Pine Bonsai Tree

Traditional Balancing Toy

Tree-Branch Wand

Tree’s Bounty Arch

Tree’s Bounty Lamp

Tree’s Bounty Big Tree

Tree’s Bounty Little Tree

Tree’s Bounty Mobile

Bamboo Series Furniture & Item Recipes

Date: August 25 to November 30 (Southern Hemisphere)

Materials To Collect: Bamboo Piece, Young Spring Bamboo

Items To Craft:

Bamboo Basket

Bamboo Bench

Bamboo Candleholder

Bamboo Drum

Bamboo Floor Lamp

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Lattice Fence

Bamboo Lunch Box

Bamboo Partition

Bamboo Shelf

Bamboo Speaker

Bamboo Sphere

Bamboo Stool

Bamboo Stopblock

Bamboo Wall

Bamboo Wall Decoration

Dark Bamboo Rug


So here are all the events, seasonal items, and DIY recipes in September. Wish you have a good time in autumn.

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