Animal Crossing New Horizons Festivale Items and the Festivale Float

At the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Festival, it’s time to dance. February 15th is the festival on your island, and after a long cold winter, the ultra-colorful Pave has arrived to brighten the plaza. You’ll need to collect feathers from the festival, dress up in fun festival costumes, and track down where to find things and dance reactions from the festival.

In all, there are nine Animal Crossing Festival items to collect and they have been proudly displayed every day since the beginning of February in the Nooks store. Everyone comes in five different colors and you’ll have to use rainbow feathers instead of customizing them with the regular kits. Fortunately, though, you don’t have to spend the Bells now. You can just have your feathers handed over to Pave.

He will hand you over a corresponding item of the same color for each set of three feathers you give to Pave. So if you give him three purple feathers, you’re going to get a random purple item like a lamp or a drum. However, he’ll exchange it for a random rainbow-colored item if you hand over one rainbow feather.

But this is Animal Crossing, of course, and there will always be a special item that you can only get in the daytime. If you bring him three rainbow feathers at the same moment, the Animal Crossing Festival float is Pave’s gift to you.

• Festivale Flag
• Festivale Drum
• Festivale Lamp
• Festivale Stall
• Festivale Stage
• Festivale Parasol
• Festivale Balloon Lamp
• Festivale Garland
• Festivale Confetti Machine
• Festivale Float (three rainbow feathers)

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