Animal Crossing – Where and how to Buy New Horizon’s Prom Items

For the first time in the series, Animal Crossing New Horizons has introduced seasonal prom items, including new wallpaper and clothing.

Some of the prom Animal Crossing items, like many of the other seasonal décor in Animal Crossing, are bought from Nook Shopping’s seasonal selections. Go to the island’s resident services and look for the Nook Stop machine on the right side of the room. Select the Nook Shopping option and scroll down to the list of prom items that can be purchased. There are three items available:

• Prom Wall – 3000 Bells

• Prom Flooring – 3000 Bells

• Prom Sash – 3,500 Bells

In the grand scheme of things, these items are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the total cost of the final home loan. Digging up three to four fossils will cover the cost of all of them.

The following set of items can be purchased from the Able Sister’s Clothing store. Stroll over to wherever it was placed and enter the clothing stall to see all of the prom outfit options available.

• Bubble-Skirt Party Dress – 2500 Bells

• Sequin Dress – 2240 Bells

• Slip Dress – 2600 Bells

• Vibrant Tuxedo – 2880 Bells

• Prom Crown – 4300 Bells

• Prom Tiara – 4300 Bells

• Ballroom Mask – 1040 Bells

• Elegant Masquerade Mask – 1040 Bells

• Dance Shoes – 1200 Bells

A full outfit set will cost around 9,000 Animal Crossing Bells, which isn’t much when compared to some of the high-priced electronics available at Nook’s Cranny. However, because the outfits are available in a variety of colors, purchasing one of each can be quite costly. There is no cost to try them on, so there is no need to buy them all unless players intend to dress up their villagers at Harvey’s island and put on a mock prom for photoshoots. Furthermore, these prom items are only available in August. Make sure to get them while they’re still available!

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