Best cars to use in Arena for Rocket League season 8

In Rocket League, picking the right car is almost necessary for advancing through the ranks during each Season. Everybody has their own benefits and drawbacks, and as is frequently the case in life, there is no ideal answer that every Rocket League player should be aware of.

However, some vehicles are cooler and more well-liked by the public simply because they feel better. The top Rocket League vehicles from 2022 may be found right here! We briefly discuss some significant warning signs to watch out for and also demonstrate which bodies are preferred by most RL pros.

The Best cars to use in Rocket League season 8

What Rocket League vehicle is the best? Wow, that was a really tough question. The body selection is enormous and just grows bigger with each new season. Which Hitbox or automobile you prefer ultimately comes down to personal preference. Try to keep in mind both your rank and your own playing style.

We ranked the 3 best cars for players to use in season 8, let’s check them out.

  1. Dominus

Dominus is a typical Rocket League vehicle that also shares the name of the second-most well-known Hitbox in the game. Anyone who has played Rocket League for a while is aware of how harmful Power Shots from a Dominus can be. True, it takes some getting used to the wide turning circle and the flat design…

On the other hand, the Dominus can make up for anyone who still needs to catch up with their flip timing. Overall, a very stylish Battle Car with incredible offensive capabilities, albeit it isn’t quite as adaptable as the other two vehicles.

  1. Octane

For many years, the Octane has served as the standard-bearer for the greatest vehicles in Rocket League. It looks quite attractive and may be used immediately away once you start playing. As a fantastic all-arounder, the Octane has almost no flaws, which explains why the body is so well-liked by the community. Whether at the bottom of the food chain or the Supersonic Legend king…

  1. Fennec

No more explanation! Fennec is always the best car in Rocket League.

The Octane continues to rule the eSports world, even though the Fennec fills the Octane Hitbox a little bit better than the Octane itself. Many professionals have relied on the original automobile since Season 1 of the RLCS; after all, you should never change a running system. The Octane is so well-liked, in fact, that Psyonix even gave it a statue in DFH Stadium.

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