Check out a List of top December fishes that you can sell for bells in ACNH

Players can complete a variety of jobs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons at their leisure. Spending time with the villagers and catching critters is one of the most entertaining and profitable things you can do in this game.

Not to mention that many of the fish and insects in this game are seasonal. Beginners anticipate seeing a number of new in-game creatures land on their island as December approaches in a few weeks.

Here’s a List of Top December fishes that you can sell for a high price in ACNH


A fish found only in the ocean. It is as elusive to find as it is to capture. From December to May, players can capture it in the sea at any time. Once you have it, you can sell it for a high price of 9,000 bells.

The Sturgeon

Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced the series to a new fish with this one. Additionally, it belongs to the rare kind and can be captured near river mouths throughout the day from September to March.

If you catch it, you can go ahead and sell it to 10,000 Bells. You will also receive 15,000 if you want to sell it to C.J.

Blue Marlin

Since the beginning of the series, this uncommon fish has been a recurring character, and both finding it and catching it have proven to be challenging. From November to April, we can see it all day long along the dock. And if you want to sell it, the asking price is 10.000 Bells.


If you spend the entire day looking, you can catch tuna, an enormous fish, near the pier. Once you obtain it, you can sell it for 7,000 Bells with no time restrictions.


On this list and in Animal Crossing itself, this fish may be the most distinctive and pricey fish.

This little fish can only be caught if you skulk around the water from 9 p.m. until 4 a.m. You can get a base price of 15000 Bells for this sea monster with good judgment, or 22000 Bells if you sell it to C.J.

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