Check out F1 and Nascar bundles purchase date

Rocket League Season 3 has been available for a few weeks, offering a new Rocket pass to complete as well as other new features to the popular game.

The F1 and Nascar packages have been in the works for a long, but the release dates have now been revealed.

Take a look at everything you need to know about it.

How to obtain the F1 Bundle

The F1 vehicle bundle is now available for purchase, and it costs 2000 Rocket League Credits. If you lack Rocket League Items, don’t worry, can help.

How to get Nascar cars

While the content is being promoted as one of Season 3’s features, it was not available at launch.

Psyonix had previously stated that the F1 and Nascar cars and cosmetic bundles would be available in Rocket League in May, and the latter has now been verified.

From May 6 through May 12, you’ll be able to purchase the Nascar-themed packs in Rocket League, which will have nine cars in all. We’ll confirm the prices once they’re up and running.

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Patch Notes for Season 3

If you’re curious about what was included in the Season 3 launch, the entire patch notes are listed below.

Season 3 Update

1. Rocket Pass
2. Season 3 Rocket Pass, which includes the new Tyranno car, has begun.
3. updates to Pro Tiers

• Pro Tier Rewards are now consistent for all players
•  Pro Tier Rewards are visible before unlocking
• All Pro Tier Rewards feature a Painted attribute


1.Season 3 Tournaments are now available
2.Adjusted the scoreboard to make series score more readable
3.Remaining Season 2 Tournament Credits have been converted into All-Star Cups


1.Stage 1 Challenges for Season 3 are now live
2.Added an unlock countdown timer for Seasonal Challenge Stages

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