Escape From Tarkov is offering New year’s presents includes MK17, ammo case, and more

Battlestate Games is giving away a generous New Year’s present to Escape From Tarkov players to celebrate the new year, here’s how to claim it.

A New Year’s present is now available for players to claim, as is customary with Escape From Tarkov during the holidays. Although Battlestate Games describes it as a “small New Year’s present,” the items included are extremely valuable, especially for those who haven’t unlocked the Flea Market to buy them.

Visit your profile page on the main page to claim your Escape From Tarkov New Year’s present. After you’ve checked in and seen your profile, scroll down to find a small photo of a festive set of gear and an attachment icon. When you click the attachment icon, your New Year’s present will be sent to you automatically.

After you’ve redeemed your gift, all that’s left is for you to log on and use it. When you start Escape From Tarkov, you should see a System message in the same window where you get insurance and trade rewards. Open the associated goods and add everything inside to your stash inventory, and you’ll have your New Year’s gift ready to sell or use.

Check out the New Year’s present below:

• A decked-out MK-17 rifle with five mags

• Ammo Box

• Six RGN impact grenades

• Fake White Beard

• 120 M80 rounds

• Three Model 7290 flash bang grenades

• Keycard holder case

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