Forza Horizon 3 has become a leader in racing games

“Extreme Racing: Horizon 3” game screen can be said to be among the same type of leader, but I found that individuals equipped with I7-4970K with GTX980TI, the effect is fully open in the open scene, if encountered rain or jungle Complex terrain or scene, the number of sheets per second will drop to 45 to 55 range.

“Extreme Racing: Horizon 3” This set in Australia, open and charming scenery may be to attract most of the players one of the reasons, the game realistic light and shadow with the environment, one of the bright eyes in the game players can Experience the beach, jungle, desert, grassland and other different scenery, and even special attractions can be excavated, the player in the roaming mode, you can enjoy a good appreciation.

As the horizon series with the original “extreme racing” difference is that the core play is slightly different, the former is more like casual racing, the latter is the quiz to really drive experience, the entertainment and the proposed between the very good Balance point, contains more than 350 cars, a variety of mainstream models, super lineup luxury.

Open the special part of the game, you have to prepare three God car, one is the fastest car, the other is the need for light enough, flexible cross-country ATV, the last one is specially used after the adjustment Flying tail of the tail car, the speed of the car I was open BUGATTI VEYRON, off-road vehicle is ARIEL NOMAD, flick is TOYOTA Celica GT, this way you can get at least 90% to 95% of the 3 stars, but there are A few really very difficult, the next test is also a lot of times before the wood factory that dangerous sign is probably I think the most difficult, but in the end or off the wild beach car had, more bouncing force, just flying out That moment there is a bounce up before the flicker area recommended to open the level of C around the car, and then in the upgrade upgrade others specifically designed to flick the kit, the speed camera are all easy to use BUGATTI, almost all One can pass, the speed range there are a few need a little skill, if it is really hard to look at the list of the world’s top 10 is what car, reference to see and then directly loaded into the design of others go try Can be over, flick all with TOYOTA Celica GT all over the breath. As for the extreme task of this really easy to change a lot, almost do not have to check the video will be able to all over, basically try to try a few times,

Unlike the previous racing game, players in the “extreme racing: Horizon 3” is not just playing racing drivers, but Horizon Carnival sponsors, players have accumulated through the fans, all kinds of competition activities will be extended to all over Australia , You can also customize the game blueprint, set the type of vehicle, rules of the game, and upload and share.

As well as 150 and so on, shoot 300 cars, point over 75 technical stores … and so on, these are cumulative achievements, play to the last in the red when the championship will be one by one to unlock, even if the final tournament are finished, The solution of the words and then seriously to the solution just fine. But if you can buy Forza Horizon 3 Credits at then your car will be cool and the game experience will be richer.The The rest of the miscellaneous achievements are in the game to unlock the carnival venue is also a store with the garage, players can buy vehicles here, replace the painting, transformation vehicles, etc., can also enter the auction to buy other players designed vehicles.

And then share a successful experience, HORIZON promotional activities to shoot three hundred cars I choose different grades of cars to open a race is then run together to shoot the audience, shoot back or switch to continue to shoot, one can shoot several

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