Get full details about Rocket League Season 4 from LOLGA

Season 4 of Rocket League will be released later this week on all platforms where the game is available, and it will include a significant amount of new content.

Once the update is online, we’ll get a whole new Rocket Pass and a Rocket Pass Premium to work our way through, as has become normal for the game since it adopted the Seasonal cadence that many other games have.

The new Outlaw car, replete with cowboy hat and poncho, is part of the season’s brand new premium Rocket Pass. The pass functions normally, with over 70 tiers of things to gather, as well as a new vehicle, an XP bonus, and new challenges. The new Deadeye Canyon arena, nestled in the center of the desert, will be available as part of the update for all your high noon showdown needs.

Three new limited-time modes will be available during the season, starting on August 12 with 2v2 Heatseeker and ending on August 19 with Speed Demon. The final mode, a Spring Loaded Rumble version, will be released later this month, bringing a private match exclusive option to public matching. On the competitive side, more events will be added to Rocket League and new 2v2 and Extra Mode types, resulting in a more diverse competitive schedule across all areas.

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