GGG Announced A Preview of Path of Exile 3.10.1F Patch Notes

In order to ensure the smooth of the Delirium League, GGG has collected feedbacks from its community and tried to make improvements and fixes. Considering Path of Exile’s next 3.11 expansion is about to be released, the developer plans to deploy a minor 3.10.1f update in advance. Here is a preview of the 3.10.1f patch notes for all players to check out.

Delirium Improvements
Many Map Bosses that have immunity phases now cause the Delirium mist to pause its movement during those periods of immunity. The general guideline for whether a boss will pause the mist’s movement is that in cases where there is nothing that you can be doing to progress the encounter, the mist will pause.
Delirium mist is now paused for 10 seconds after defeating a Betrayal Target (up from 5 seconds).
Delirium objects that spawn monsters when they are run over no longer deal damage in an area when triggered.
Fixed performance degradation over time in the Simulacrum.
Fixed a bug where, due to rounding, monsters with the Legacy of Zeal bloodlines modifier could become immune to damage in Delirium mist.
Fixed a bug introduced in 3.10.1d where the chilling aura granted by the Chilling Presence cluster jewel notable no longer worked. This also fixes a similar issue with the Master of Fire cluster jewel notable.
Fixed a bug where shocks applied by the Cold Conduction cluster jewel notable had their magnitudes and duration inversed.
Fixed a bug where Spectral Throw and Vaal Spectral Throw still pierced while you had the Kineticism cluster jewel keystone allocated.

Skill Improvements
Updated the descriptions on the Voidfletcher unique quiver and Spellslinger Support to clarify that their skills can only be triggered by non-triggered skills.
Flame Dash now always faces you in the direction of travel at the end of the dash instead of facing you towards your target if you had one.
Thresher Spectres no longer use their multi-slash skill.
Fixed a bug where Threshers didn’t trigger projectiles with the second and third slashes of their multi-slash skill.
Fixed a bug where casting Lightning Warp on a non-walkable location caused the target location to be placed at the maximum distance in the direction that you were targeting (even if it was well beyond your targeted position).
Fixed a bug where Offering buffs created by Spell Totems, Mines or Traps did not get overwritten by Offering buffs from your other skills, causing you to instead have both Offering buffs.
Fixed a bug where reflected poisons could prevent you from regenerating life if you had the Disease Vector cluster jewel notable allocated. This now correctly only applies to enemies.
Fixed a bug introduced in 3.10.1d where using Dash supported by Second Wind on Predictive networking mode could cause desync.
Fixed a bug preventing interaction with area transitions and stashes if you had an instant skill with “Always Attack Without Moving” bound to left mouse.
Fixed a bug where Guardian of the North in The Vinktar Square unique map could have multiple Orb of Storms active, but only one was visible. They will now all be visible.
Fixed a bug where Skeleton Mages that were spawned by triggers didn’t play animations when attacking.

Miscellaneous Improvements
Clarified the magnitudes of Shocked Ground and Chilled Ground on their relevant map modifiers. This is solely a description change.
Improved the visibility of Chilled Ground.
Changing your loot allocation setting will now have an immediate effect, rather than applying to all future areas.
Betrayal Targets now remove nearby ground effects when they are defeated.
Control-clicking to take a Watchstone from Zana no longer causes the window to close.
Blighted Dreadwheels will now correctly follow the Blight path until a player is in close proximity, at which point they will begin to chase down the player.
Talismans are no longer always allocated to the map maker.
Fixed a bug where strongboxes that should always drop at least one map did not always do so.
Fixed a bug where you were considered to have stopped taking damage over time recently while using Righteous Fire when Pendulum of Destruction changed modes (from increased Elemental Damage to increased Area of Effect or vice versa).
Fixed a bug where the “increased Projectile Attack Damage while you have at least 200 Dexterity” modifier on The Nomad unique belt wasn’t affected by Abrasive Catalysts.
Fixed a bug where the durations of invisibility and visibility applied by the Illusionist Armour Set had become inverted.
Fixed a bug introduced in 3.10.0 where the Grandmaster achievement was unable to be completed.

Crash Fixes
Fixed an instance crash that could occur during the Shavronne / Brutus encounter in Act 6 and Tower Map.
Fixed an instance crash that could occur during The Shaper encounter.
Fixed one client crash that could occur when changing your Display Adapter.

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