Here are some best weapons for beginner to play Elden Ring

When you first enter the land of Elden Ring, you’ll see that there are an absurd number of weapons available. But how can you know which ones to use? There are always decent weapons to suit, but the better ones are a little harder to come by.

There are about 200 Elden Ring weapons in total. That should be enough to satisfy even the most weapon-hungry among us. Each is assigned to a class, which dictates its standard moveset and the Ashes of War that can be used on them. However, each weapon has its own set of stat requirements, which scale differently depending on bonus damage or special abilities.

In this guide, we’ll go over some of the best weapons in Elden Ring’s early to mid-game. Though some require you to defeat major bosses, many of these weapons can be found early on in your quest if you have the grit to seek them.

So, we’ve included a list of weapon kinds below. It’s all here, from Swords to Halberds, Ballistas to Whips. Here’s an overview of the options available to you as you navigate Elden Ring’s world’s many dangers. Check them out.


This is a large sword that requires a lot of stamina and power to wield. This is an excellent selection for anybody looking to deal raw damage that immediately staggers foes. It may not be as useful for those who prefer to utilize magic or keep swift on their feet, but it is for anyone looking to deal raw damage that rapidly staggers foes. This weapon is also a homage to the late Kentaro Miura and his groundbreaking manga series Berserk, which featured a roaming swordsman wielding a massive sword.


The game’s first twin-blade-type weapon may be found in Elden Ring’s opening area, and it’s easy to overlook. The Twinblade is a two-sided sword that caters to both strength and dexterity builds, doing swift and heavy damage over a wide area of impact. Quick attacks may rapidly overwhelm adversaries, allowing you to inflict a large amount of damage in a few hits.

Reaper (Winged Scythe)

Reaper weapons are blades that are designed to strike foes with long, sweeping strikes. They’ll keep you at a safe distance from your opponents, making them an excellent choice for those who enjoy using magic while also wanting to deal heavy melee damage. The Winged Scythe, which can be located on the Weeping Peninsula, slightly south of Limgrave, caters to character builds that emphasize magic and melee damage.

Staff (Meteorite Staff)

The Meteorite Staff is a good choice if you’re a magic user looking for a staff that will improve your casting abilities in the early to mid-game. While this staff cannot be upgraded or infused with Ashes of War talents, it compensates by providing some significant benefits for intelligence-based characters, including increased magic damage for all spells. While you’ll eventually find a better weapon, the Meteorite Staff will get you by for the time being.

Moonveil (Katanas)

Katanas are sharp swords that can inflict blood loss damage to a wide range of enemies. The Moonveil, on the other hand, is a katana that has quickly gained fame due to its imbued magical qualities. The weapon art skill Transient Moonlight, which costs FP but sends out a wave of magical energy with each cut, is what makes this katana unique. This ability not only increases the range of the special katana but also increases the amount of damage it deals, tearing through an enemy’s defenses.

Sword of Night and Flame

The ability to fire absurd beams of energy or massive blazing hits against enemies has made this sword famous among the Elden Ring community. It is designed for individuals who wish to be melee-oriented while yet dealing with spells. You’ll need enough points in strength, dexterity, faith, and intelligence to fully wield it. The weapon’s unique abilities will not activate if the stat checks are not met.

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