How to Force Trades in Madden 21 Franchise Mode

In Madden 21, because there is no clear trade override setting, we have two methods to ensure that another team acquires a player.
The first method, the stack and release method, is a well-known strategy for franchise players in the Madden community. Apart from the following, this method allows you to trade for any position:

 • QB
 • HB
 • CB
 • WR
 • TE
 • DT

You’re going to need a point man in order to do this. This is every player over 67 overall from Free Agency, and they will be the secret to forcing the deal to go through. For any position not mentioned above, pick up three free-agent players who are in the same position as the man you are trying to get. For starters, if you want to steal Jamal Adams from the Seahawks for nothing, pick up three Free Agency Strong Safeties, one of them over 67 overall, keeping in mind that you need enough cap room on both sides to make the trade go through. For a late draft pick, swap those three players, and the trade will go through.

Bear in mind that you have to be in the regular season to make this possible, making it a little more difficult in the offseason or preseason.

You have to make a little adjustment to the stack and release method if you want a player like Deshaun Watson or any of the other listed positions.
First, pick up the three free-agent players that re-math the role of your desired player. Next, though, you’ve got to catch a high overall player, so you can stack the player above the one you need. Trade him to the team with the desired player you want until you find the high-rated player. After that, repeat the first method we explained before for stack and release, and the opposing team should have released the player you want.

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