How to get Tyranno and all tier Rewards in Rocket League season 3

In Rocket League, level up the Season 3 Rocket Pass to unlock the entire Tyranno collection. Everything you need to know about the tier rewards is right here.

Rocket League’s popularity has never dwindled. Rocket League, now in its third season since being acquired by Epic Games, is back with a new Rocket Pass, theme, and more. Players can jump into their favorite cars, customize them, and load into a game with over a million active players every day. Llama Rama, a Fortnite crossover event, is live until April 9th. Now is the time to get started on the challenges.

Rocket League players enjoy showing off their custom cars. The Tyranno, the newest car, has a few variants available in Season 3’s Rocket Pass. This guide will show you how to get the Tyranno car in Rocket League Season 3, as well as all of its variants and Rocket Pass accessories. Start your engines, complete the weekly challenges, and complete the Tyranno collection before Season 3 ends on August 11th.

How To Unlock The Tyranno Car

Players will be greeted with a ‘Welcome to Season 3’ message upon loading the game. Players will see the Tyranno car, but it will not be available to them just yet. Players must purchase the Season 3 Rocket Pass for 1,000 Rocket League Credits in order to unlock the base Tyranno car. Hopefully, players saved their free Rocket Pass credits from Season 2 to purchase this one. Otherwise, they’ll have to pay $9.99 for 1,100 Credits (in-game currency.) Players will have access to the base model Tyranno Car via their garage once they have purchased it. It is unlocked after completing Rocket Pass Tier 1.

Tyranno Car Variants

Aside from the base Tyranno, players in Rocket League can unlock three variants via the Rocket Pass.

• Tyranno GXT – Reach Rocket Pass Tier 70
• Tyranno GXT Crimson – Reach Rocket Pass Tier 75
• Tyranno GXT Cobalt – Reach Rocket Pass Tier 97

Tyranno accessories are also available at various stages of the Rocket Pass.

• Tier 6 – Tyranno: Threestyle – Limited Decal
• Tier 14 – Tyranno: Paced Out – Limited Decal
• Tier 17 – Tyranno: Sally – Limited Decal
• Tier 25- Tyranno: Edge Burst – Limited Decal
• Tier 34 – Tyranno: Speedrush – Limited Decal
• Tier 45 – Tyranno: Apex Line – Limited Decal
• Tier 47 – Tyranno: Ombre – Limited Decal
• Tier 55 – Tyranno: Reviver – Animated Decal
• Tier 57 – Apex Predator – Limited Player Title
• Tier 61 – Tyranno: Crazed Firefly – Animated Decal
• Tier 63 – Tyranno: Huntress – Limited Decal

Players can advance through the Rocket Pass Tiers by gaining XP in-game. Focus on Daily/Weekly challenges and play casual and ranked Rocket League games to accomplish this. Players can also buy Rocket Pass tiers with Credits, but we’re more interested in the ‘free’ way to level up.

For a few more days, players can take advantage of the Llama Rama repeatable challenge. Players must win 10 online matches to complete the challenge. They will receive 20,000 XP as a reward. They can complete this challenge as many times as they want, and their progress can be tracked via the challenge screen. This won’t last long, so take advantage of it while you can.

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