How to Improve Quickly for Rocket League Players at Low Ranks?

Rocket League is very interesting for plenty of Rocket League fans to play. Everyone who are really into Rocket League would do his best to improve ranks in the game, especially for those at low ranks. As we all know, there are no shortcuts that can make you a grand champ in a week. What you should do is to practice more and improve your skills.

For different Rocket League players, progress in Rocket League can be fast or slow, depending upon the person’s ability of mastering the basics (such as angled shots, low to medium height aerial consistency, fast reflexes). The faster the person develops these abilities, the faster he will advance up in Rocket League. Here are some tips that are easier to hone your skills.

Tips to Help You Improve Skills
1. Turn off camera shake and vibration – it will distract you and make you less efficient.
2. Change your camera settings – The default ones are really bad and too close. It is good to start off with the wide angle preset and change it depending on how you feel.
3. Choosing what you want to focus on will determine your future in the game. If you wish to become a freestyler, then use the type of camera setting specified above. If you wish to go competitive, choose the other FOV specified up above.
4. Watching YouTube videos on How To and watching professional streams will help you learn new mechanics, and other things that will help you in the game. For example rotations, flicks, chip shots, double taps, and other advanced mechanics you may learn.
5. Rotations. This is only required if you are to be a competitive 2s or 3s player. Rotations are extremely important in team plays. 3s rotations is that one person must always be challenging. In 2s, one person much not necessarily be challenging, but always be on the ball.
6. Positioning. This is something that is important in all aspects of the game. Team freestyling, passing plays, and 1s as well.
7. Shadowing. Shadowing, also known as shadow defense, is to mimic your opponents movement. It is a powerful defensive strategy, and is mostly used in 1s. However, its not recommended to do this in any other game mode unless you are the last one back.

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