How to use Octane and where to find Octane cars in Rocket League

Octane cars from Rocket League are now available in Fortnite’s Creative Mode as well as the Battle Royale! Here are some specifics.

Since Epic Games bought Rocket League’s developer Pysonix, the frenzied sports game and Fortnite have frequently crossed over. The addition of Octane automobiles to Fortnite’s Creative Mode in October was the coolest development so far. Unfortunately, up until this point, the renowned cars had never been included in Battle Royale.

We’ll show you where to find the Rocket League cars that have finally been released on the island with the most recent update.

How to use Octane

Octane is now racing at full speed for Battle Royale and Zero Build thanks to version V.22.40. The Octane version for Zero Build and Battle Royale has been modified for these modes, though.

The rocket-powered vehicle has the ability to soar, scale walls, and accelerate to supersonic speeds. The Octane can engage in acrobatic maneuvers in the air, such as the double leap or the dodge, to navigate challenging terrain. As long as you don’t run out of boost, you can use these techniques to outmaneuver entire squads with a little experience.

Where to find the Octane

Of course, your next thought is where to find these luxury cars. On the map, octane automobiles can be located in a number of locations. The wagons have a few fixed spawn locations, but we must emphasize that they won’t always be there, and it’s possible that another player arrived there before. Nevertheless, it ought to facilitate your search. All of these on the map are Octane locations:

  • On the racetrack at Chonker’s Speedway
  • In the middle of Shiny Sound
  • On the north section of Rocky Reels
  • On the western side of Cloudy Condos
  • At the top of Chromejam Junction
  • On the racetrack south of Chrome Crossroads
  • In the middle of Tainted Towers
  • Northwest of Greasy Grove

At last, hope you have great fun in game.

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