Introduction to Some EFT Weapon Builds for Beginners

Every Escape from Tarkov player wants to get powerful weapons to go further in the game, but good weapons are often too expensive for them to acquire, especially for beginners. To help players know something about it, we introduce some cheap but effective weapon builds with your budgets.

Cheap But Effective Weapon Builds in Escape from Tarkov
Here is a couple of budget weapon builds (weapons + attachments) for players’ reference. The builds below aim to provide not only power but also balance, such as solid recoil that will help you with spraying.

Default Stock + GP-25 Recoil Pad for AK. (3500 Roubles)
Pistol Grip Zenit Rk-3 AK (9000 Roubles)
Handguard Polymer AK-100 Series Foregrip (1400 Roubles)
Tactical Grip Zenit RK-0 Foregrip (6800 Roubles)
Dust Cover default
Optics EKP-8-02 (9900 Roubles)
Muzzle Zenit DTK-1 Muzzle Brake (4500 Roubles)
Total price: about 67434 Roubles

AKS-74U / UB
This weapon is purchasable from Prapor for 72979 rubles, but it may be acquired for a barter item, Cat Figurine. Cat Figurines go around 30,000 roubles on the FLEA MARKET, so you can get an AK a lot for half the roubles of the initial price.

Default Stock IzhMash metal stock for AKS-74U and Recoil Pad from GP-25 for AK
Accessory Kit – (Prapor LVL2 3425 Roubles)
Handguard B-11 AKS-74U Handguard – (Skier LVL2 5766 Roubles)
Foregrip Zenit RK-0 Foregrip – (Skier LVL3 6993 Roubles)
Pistol Grip Zenit RK-3 AK pistol grip – (Skier LVL2 9014 Roubles)
Dust Cover Default AKS-74U Dust cover 6P26 Sb.7 – (Prapor LVL1 1270 Roubles)
Charge Handle Zenit RP-1 charge handle for AK – (Skier LVL2 2956 Roubles)
Mount B-18 Mount – (Mechanic LVL2 3529 Roubles)
Optic Burris FastFire Weaver Base – (Peacekeeper LVL1 $15) and Burris FastFire 3
Reflex Sight – (Peacekeeper LVL1 $155)
Total price: about 90000 Roubles

AKMN 7.62×39 assault rifle
Stock AKM/AK-74 PT lock (Skier LVL2 3540 Roubles) and Zenit PT-1 “Klassika”
Stock – (Skier LVL2 13052 Roubles)
Handguard Polymer AK-100 series foregrip – (Prapor LVL1 – 1402 Roubles)
Foregrip Zenit RK-0 Foregrip – (Skier LVL3 – 6993 Roubles)
Pistol grip Zenit RK-3 AK pistol grip – (Skier LVL3 – 9014 Roubles)
Dust Cover Akademia Bastion dust cover for AK – (Skier LVL2 – 6105 Roubles)
Sight OKP-7 reflex sight – (Skier LVL2 12468)
Muzzle brake Tajtuja Tula AK and AKM adapter – (Skier – LVL2 687 Roubles) and
SRVV 7.62×39 AK muzzle brake & compensator (Mechanic lvl3 6378 Roubles)
Magazine 30-Round 7.62×39 magazine for Ak-103 and compatible weapons – (Prapor lvl2 2052 Roubles)
Charge handle Zenit RP-1 for AK – (Skier LVL2 2956 Roubles)
Total price: about 103725 Roubles

Double Star Ace Socom gen.4 stock for AR-15 – (11396 Mechanic)
370mm barrel for AR-15 compatible 5.56×45 – ($230 Peacekeeper)
Windham Weaponry Rail Gas block – (5828 Roubles Mechanic)
Annihilator 7.62×39 5.56×45 and 9mm flash hider for AR-15 – (8398 Roubles Mechanic)
Strike Industries Viper Carabine length M-LOK foregrip (FDE) for AR-15 – (10165 Mechanic)
Magpul M-LOK AFG Tactical Grip – ($75 Peacekeeper)
Holosun HS401G5 Reflex sight – (16535 Skier)
Star AR rife grip for AR-15 compatible weapons – ($41 Peacekeeper)
PMAG GEN M3 W 30 5.56×45 Stanag 30 round magazine – ($36 Peacekeeper)
Total price: about 133136 Roubles

Springfield Armory M1A
Si Advanced receiver extensive buffer tube – (10240 Roubles – Mechanic)
Mft Bus Stock – ($76 – Peacekeeper)
16 Barrel for M1A 7.62×51 – (16692 Roubles – Mechanic)
Troy S.A.S.S Chassis stock for M14 – (39141 Roubles Mechanic)
Zenit RK-1 Foregrip – (17674 Skier)
Eotech XPS3-0 Holographic Sight ($187 – Peacekeeper)
HK “Battle grip” Pistol Grip for AR-15 Based Systems – (1712 Roubles – Mechanic)
Socom 16 7.62×51 muzzle brake & compensator for M1A – (5253 Roubles – Mechanic)
Lantac Dragon 7.62×51 muzzle brake – ($117 Peacekeeper)
X-14 M14 50 round 7.62×51 magazine – (16000 – 20000 Mechanic, depends on GMCOUNT on flea market because it’s a barter item.)
Total price: about 182797 Roubles

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