James Bond’s Aston Martin has Returned to Rocket League in this summer

If you can recall, Rocket League has previously worked with James Bond and the 007 narratives on a few occasions. The Aston Martin DB5 arrived in July 2021, while the Aston Martin Valhalla appeared in Psyonix’s game that same year in October. Now, in the middle of 2022, there is one more.

It is available until July 19th. The company has announced via the official website that, in addition to other thematic content, the Aston Martin DBS of 007 will be featured to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the story of the renowned British spy. For 1,100 store credits, a bundle that includes the engine sound, wheels, a decal, and a player banner can unlock the car.

It will only be available for one week, especially from July 13 to July 19, so if you want to buy it, don’t get too confused. In addition, the vehicles listed at the beginning will once again be available in two bundles for 1,100 credits, and the James Bond theme can be purchased for 300 credits to equip it as an anthem. If you are lacking Rocket League Credits, check our website Lolga.com, cheap Rocket League Items are provided here.

It is by no way the first time Rocket League has worked with well-known licenses. Several Batmobiles have been seen in the game, and even Formula 1 has consented to participate with an F1 Fan Pass that is available all year long and grants access to various single-seaters in the competition.

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