Let’s talk a little bit about Giants Theme Team Madden 21

The Giants theme team in Madden 21 is our next theme team review.
We have done numerous Madden 21 team reviews throughout the NFL season, a number of our notable ones are the Kansas City Chiefs and therefore the Atlanta Falcons, and now it’s time to seem over the NY Football Giants.

Giants Theme Team Madden 21

Off the rip, this theme team made by MightyWings on MutHead is far better than anticipated.

The highest-rated players are 94 OVR Odell Beckham Jr. and 94 OVR Jones. There are 11 offensive players on this theme team with 90 OVR or better. This group is certainly led by their tight ends and running backs. For tight ends, you’ve got 92 OVR Jeremey Shockey and Evan Engram. The running backs are led by former Nittany Lion 93 OVR Saquon Barkley followed by 93 Barry Sanders and 92 Herschel Walker.

This theme team defense could be the simplest of all the squads we’ve checked out. Led by a 97 OVR Michael Strahan and a 96 OVR Sam Mills, who always seems to finish abreast of a topic team, there are not any holes on the defensive side of the ball. With an identical 11 players who have earned a 90 OVR rating or better, it’s hard to select where to start out.

The Giants cornerbacks could be the foremost impressive group on the defense. A 94 Janoris Jenkins, 93 Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, 93 Antrel Rolle, then 92 James Bradberry IV lockdown every possible option for opposing offenses.

The defensive position has the 97 Strahan, 93 Dalvin Tomlinson, and a 91 Osi Umenyiora to wreak havoc on the quarterback. The linebacking corps is made from 96 Mills, 91 Lawrence Taylor, and 90 Jason Pierre-Paul.

The only hope for moving the ball against this squad is hoping for locking onto the incorrect user or an entire lapse in playcalling. aside from that, good luck.

For a team that has not had much success in the sector, Giants fans have tons to be happy about with their theme team squad in Madden 21.

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