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How quickly time goes! We’re on our way to Rocket League Season 7, so what can you anticipate this time around? Rocket League Season 7 leaks are discussed here, including the release date, theme, rewards, events, and more.

Soon, the first official Rocket League Season 7 content will be released. According to a discussion from earlier in the season, the utilization of drops, blueprints, and credits in Rocket League can have a variety of default options. Season 7 will see a change in this area. We’ve already learned a lot about the items, blueprints, events, and so much more that will be available in Rocket League Season 7.

Release Date

Season 6 will wrap off on June 15, 2022. Season 7 is expected to be released on the same day as Season 6, despite the fact that the release date has not been confirmed.

Rocket League Season 7 Theme

If you recall, there was an image in the files of a blueprint series far before Season 6. Season 6 had a cartoon comic theme to it. The blueprint also reveals the theme of the like army and a star badge, according to Rocket League Season 7 leaks. We’ve never seen an army theme before, so we’re not too sure. Rocket League is collaborating with epic games like Fortnight. Perhaps they’re hinting at something with a brand new Fortnight season, which includes tanks, army wars, and more. There have been a variety of cars in the game files and mods that might be used to depict that type of theme.

Events And Rewards

This year’s anniversary event on Rocket League Season 7 will feature golden eggs, which is fantastic news. Because we were disappointed last year when we did not receive golden eggs as part of an anniversary celebration. However, they have now returned all of the golden crates, and MarkRoss has found an image in the game files that is identical to the standard golden egg image. However, the file name includes the word 2022, indicating that they have a golden egg for 2022.

The anniversary golden egg appears to be an ideal opportunity to do so. Golden eggs will be back around July 7th, which is when the anniversary events take place, so expect them around the end of June or the beginning of July, which is ideal because it’ll be just after the new season begins.

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