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EA Sports has yet to announce any major changes content knowing Madden 21 for subsequent-gen consoles, but they did say that the gameplay would improve, which there would be “blazing fast loading times”. this suggests that within seconds of pressing the button to start out, players are going to be during a loaded stadium able to go.

As is to be expected, the graphics of the sport also will be an enormous feature for the next-gen version of Madden 21. EA confirmed that there’ll be improved lighting and rendering, improved player bodies, and spatialized audio in-game. All of those upgrades will make the gameplay significantly better.

Updated controller haptics, statistic driven player movement, exquisite weather detail, and off-ball humanization have all also been announced. All four of those upgrades tie into the gameplay and graphics updates that are expected.

Most gamers already realize duel entitlement and the way EA is making it easy on us gamers, who will purchase the next-gen consoles at the earliest. Whether you purchase a physical copy or digital copy of Madden 21, you’ll receive duel entitlement.

This means that if you’ve got Madden 21 for the PS4 or Xbox One, your copy of the sport will transfer over to either the PS5 or the Xbox Series X. Duel Entitlement is large, and quite likely helped salvage EA’s reputation with their loyal customers.

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