Madden NFL cover characters

In EA’s entire sports game product line, the most successful is neither “FIFA” nor “NBA Live”, but only the American favorite “Madden NFL”. EA called it “the largest and most exciting hockey game to date” and believes that “NFL 17″ will bring the player a deeper, more free gaming experience through the game that best fits the current trend. ” Each new version of the launch, corresponding to the various versions of the platform can easily occupy the top few games in North America game sales. This series has been selling for 17 years, total sales of more than 51 million copies, EA earned more than 1.7 billion US dollars of banknotes.

Before 1999, the annual “Madden NFL” cover is its famous celebrity – Rugby Hall of Fame members, legendary player, coach, commentator John Madden. Since the beginning of 1999, EA has started to select the top players in the league as a cover.

For such a game, it becomes the cover of the person should be the dream of the league players. But somewhere like God, the line in recent years, rumors of a “Madden curse”, who became a “Madden” cover of the players will always appear such a problem, such as the state of decline, injuries and so on. Among them, Shaun Alexander led the team won the 2005 Super Bowl won the league MVP, but in the 2007 version of the cover player, after a year even no team willing to sign and face unemployment. More exaggerated, the 2004 version of the cover character Michael Vick was elected after the leg injury missed most of the season, and later because of the organization of fighting dogs, animal cruel was sentenced to 23 months imprisonment. Most of the cover characters in the last five or six years have met the “strange” thing. But he denied the existence of “curse”, said the survey shows that the cover players on the whole and there will be no rapid changes in the state. Of course, we still have more energy in the game, I often at buy Madden 17 Coins. that is very friendly site, I hope the majority of netizens can also with me The same as eliminating the effects of Madden’s curse.

Perhaps in order to “change the mood”, EA is negotiating a way to decide the cover candidates. They are prepared to use the auction, by the league’s professional players to compete freely, the highest bidder was elected cover characters. The proceeds are all donated to the NFL charity partner United Ways Foundation. The league has at least 50 players willing to pay a big price on the game cover.

In the 51st session of the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots, who had been 25 points behind, scored the score in the final 20 minutes of the game under the leadership of the quarterback Tom Breddy and played in overtime Array, completed the biggest reversal of the history of the Super Bowl. Brady also won the fifth career Super Bowl champion, in the quarterback to become the first person in history.

The next few seasons, Brady will be in the regular season to catch up with several predecessors, in the playoffs continue to refresh their record. In his time, to witness his legendary career, but also our lucky. We are here to wish him to continue his love of football, keep as high a level as possible, continue to be successful over the next few years and get the Madden NFL cover.