Monstercat and Rocket League have the second teamed up to bring back the Throttle Bundle

Psyonix, the creator of the Rocket League, is persistent in providing new content to its fans. Psynix unveiled a new bundle that would make music enthusiasts and Rocket League players enjoy the game even more after offering two big bundles specifically suited for NASCAR and F1 fans.

During Rocket Pass 5, electronic producer Throttle contributed a song from his “Where U Are” EP to the Rocket League soundtrack. Throttle is back, courtesy of a collaboration between Rocket League and Monstercat.

The Throttle Bundle, which includes three Player Anthems and various items like the Sky Blue Chikara G1 Car, is now available for purchase in Rocket League (Dominus Hitbox). The bundle costs 500 Rocket League credits and includes the following items:

  • Sky Blue Chikara G1 Car (Dominus Hitbox)
  • Sky Blue Corseque 1 Antenna
  • Sky Blue Radiant Gush Boost
  • Zapped Decal
  • Full Throttle Title
  • Bloom VIP Player Anthem
  • For Me VIP Player Anthem
  • Japan VIP Player Anthem

Rocket League players will also be able to get a Throttle Free Bundle that includes the Cities Player Anthem, according to Psyonix. This may be found under the Item Shop’s Throttle tab.

The Throttle Bundle and Throttle Free Bundle will only be available for Rocket League players from May 10 to 17, so make sure to get them while they’re still available.

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