New Fish, Sea Creatures & Bugs Arriving Animal Crossing world in December

2020 is finally entering its final month, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons is bringing in a bunch of new critters for us to look forward to as we celebrate that very welcome reality.

As normal, depending on which hemisphere you play from the batch of new creatures joining the game can vary. Below is a full list of new fish, sea creatures, and bugs coming into play on the Northern and Southern Hemisphere Islands on December 1st.

Note, these are not the only creatures that will be available, they are just the latest additions that will join your island’s range of animals. Note also that you will be able to donate them to the museum after capturing your creatures or sell them if you’re a little low on Bells!

Northern Hemisphere
• Pond smelt – Shadow Size: Small | Location: River | Times: All day | Price: 500 Bells
• Stringfish – Shadow Size: Large | Location: River (Clifftop) | Times: 4 PM-9 AM | Price: 15,000 Bells
• Sea butterfly – Shadow Size: Tiny | Location: Sea | Times: All day | Price: 1,000 Bells
• Squid – Shadow Size: Medium-small | Location: Sea | Times: All day | Price: 500 Bells
• Oarfish – Shadow Size: Huge | Location: Sea | Times: All day | Price: 9,000 Bells

New Fish
As you’ll see, there are a good number of latest fish on their thanks to New Horizons this festive season. Specifically, hemisphere players are going to be welcoming five new fish species, while hemisphere folks are becoming an entire fourteen!

Remember, to catch fish all you would like to try to do is get your hands on a fishing pole and cast your line near dark silhouettes (which indicate a lurking critter) in ponds, rivers, or around the shoreline of your island.

New Bugs
Three new bugs species are migrating to hemisphere islands in December, and 6 new species within the hemisphere.

To grab any of those guys, you will need your trusty hand-held net, a dose of patience, and certainly a touch of stealth as some tend to be rather skittish.

Northern Hemisphere
• Emperor butterfly – Location: Flying | Times: 5 PM-8 AM | Price: 4,000 Bells
• Rajah Brooke’s birdwing – Location: Flying | Times: 8 AM-5 PM | Price: 2,500 Bells
• Dung beetle – Location: Rolling snowballs along the bottom | Times: All day | Price: 3,000 Bells

Southern Hemisphere
• Emperor butterfly – Location: Flying | Times: 5 PM-8 AM | Price: 4,000 Bells
• Firefly – Location: Flying | Times: 7 PM-4 AM | Price: 300 Bells
• Drone beetle – Location: On trees | Times: All day | Price: 200 Bells
• Goliath beetle – Location: On palm trees | Times: 5 PM-8 AM | Price: 8,000 Bells
• Rainbow stag – Location: On trees | Times: 7 PM-8 AM | Price: 6,000 Bells
• Mosquito – Location: Flying | Times: 5 PM-4 AM | Price: 130 Bells

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At last, hope you’ve got fun in Animal Crossing New Horizons world.