Path of Exile’s Biggest Set of Support Packs This Year Available Now

Along with the launch of 2019’s biggest expansion, Grinding Gear Games, the developer of Path of Exile, released the year’s biggest set of Supporter Packs! Inspired by the look of five new endgame Conquerors, these five new Supporter Packs contain a lot of exclusive cosmetic microtransactions as well as tons of points to spend. In addition, the higher-tier ones include physical items, such as the new Conquerors of the Atlas Cloth Map, Path of Exile Gamebook and a pack of signed Path of Exile art prints! Here are the details from the official website.

The Basilisk Supporter Pack
The Basilisk Supporter Pack contains an Armour Set, a Weapon Effect, an Apparition Effect, a Helmet, a Social Frame, a Forum Title, a Badge and 550 points.

The Crusader Supporter Pack
The Crusader Supporter Pack contains two Armour sets, two Weapon Effects, two Apparition Effects, a Back Attachment, a Hood, a Helmet, two Social Frames, two Forum Titles, two Badges and 950 points.

The Eyrie Supporter Pack
The Eyrie Supporter Pack contains three Armour sets, three Weapon Effects, three Apparition Effects, a pet, a Back Attachment, two Hoods, a Helmet, three Social Frames, three Forum Titles, three Badges and 1600 points. There is also an optional Conquerors of the Atlas Cloth Map available in this Supporter Pack.

The Judicator Supporter Pack
The Judicator Supporter Pack contains four Armour sets, four Weapon Effects, five Apparition Effects, a pet, a Back Attachment, three Hoods, a Helmet, four Social Frames, four Forum Titles, four Badges and 2400 points. Alongside exclusive microtransactions, this Supporter Pack contains optional physical items, such as a Conquerors of the Atlas Cloth Map and The Lord’s Labyrinth: Path of Exile Gamebook!

The Orion Supporter Pack
The Orion Supporter Pack contains five Armour sets, five Weapon Effects, six Apparition Effects, a Portal Effect, a pet, two Back Attachments, four Hoods, a Helmet, five Social Frames, five Forum Titles, five Badges and 4800 points. A Conquerors of the Atlas Cloth Map, Gamebook and a pack of signed Path of Exile prints are also available in this Supporter Pack.

Players can upgrade from one of these Supporter Packs to another in the same series by clicking “Upgrade” on the desired pack. The process will include any pure points packs purchased since yesterday. The maximum amount that upgrades can contribute is 80% of the value of a pack. By thg way, the Core Supporter Packs for consoles will also be released at the beginning of next year.

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