Rocket League:Check out Frosty Fest Challenge & Reward

Rocket League is hosting another annual Frosty Fest, and this guide will show players every challenge and reward from this year’s event

Rocket League is celebrating the vacations in a big way by offering players winter-themed challenges they will complete in exchange for exclusive Frosty Fest rewards. Some challenges require players to participate within the Snow Day extra mode while others are often completed in normal online matches. In total, there are 12 challenges and two of the 12 are repeatable meaning players can complete them quite once to earn a gift.

The cosmetics offered during the event are exclusives meaning they’re likely to not be obtainable after the Frosty Fest event ends. The event ends on January 4th so players will want to hurry to finish all 12 challenges. Luckily, none of the challenges are too difficult and lots of them can easily be completed while playing solo. So, if players want to wrap their cars in Christmas lights or a comfortable sweater they better get to completing those Snow Day challenges.

Every Frosty Fest Challenge In Rocket League

Again, there are 12 different challenges as a part of the Frosty Fest and each offers its own unique reward. Some rewards are definitely better than others, but it’s worth completing all of them since these rewards likely won’t return within the future. As well, the repeatable gift box challenge gives players the chance to earn free Exotic or Black Market cosmetic items which usually costs upwards of $20 USD. Without further ado, here is every Frosty Fest challenge and therefore the rewards related to them.

• Gain 1 XP level – Present Bow Topper
• Play 3 online Matches – Christmas Sweater Banner
• Get 15 Goals, Assists, or Saves in Online Matches – Peppermint Wheels
• Get a Save and a Win during a Single Online Match – Snowy Avatar Border
• Get 20 Assists in Online Matches – Fireworks Boost Trail
• Win One Game during a Sow Day Extra Modes Match – Sleigh Queen Title
• Get 20 Clears in Online Matches – Sweater Universal Decal
• Get 20 Shots on Goal in Online Matches – Snowflake Animated Decal
• Get 20 Centers in Show Day Extra Modes Matches – Fireplace Wheels
• Get 15 Saves or Epic Saves in Online Matches – Christmas Lights Animated Decal
• Play 20 Online Matches – Gift Box Random Cosmetic (Repeatable 5 Times)
• Win 10 Online Matches – 20K Experience (Repeatable)

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