Some tips for scoring in NHL 21 you need to know

How to win when you start a hockey game seems pretty simple: make sure that by the end of the game, your team has scored more goals than the other team. Although the idea of winning the game seems pretty straightforward, actually doing it can be a little more complicated. Scoring goals in NHL 21 is no different, and one of the harder things you’ll do in the game might be to find a way to place it consistently on the net. You’ll have the tools to spice up your shooting game once we’ve run through the best ways to score in NHL 21.

Don’t try to be a Hero
Not every game is going to be a highlight-reel objective or game. Most high-risk plays are considered high-risk, such as dekes, stretch throws, getting out of place, or forcing a deflection, because well, they’re risky! When it matters, they pay off immensely if they are done by the right hands, but they don’t always excel even then.
Keep in mind that occasionally, depending on your opponents and your linemates, a well-timed short pass or tossing the puck at the net, even though it probably won’t go in will result in a genius play. This is particularly true if you play online, as it becomes much more unpredictable what your teammates and opponents will do.

Offensive Awareness is not just a stat
Although there is a prestige associated with offensive awareness, just by being in position and being conscious of where you are meant to be where the play is going, and where the puck is going, you can score a lot more. Simply remaining in place can often secure a goal as you might need double coverage and only pull enough pressure off the game to allow a teammate to score the puck. Of course, this is actually more applicable to online modes and Be A Pro, but the puck carrier still knows that offensive knowledge applies.

If you’re the puck carrier, knowing where the play is split and how the defense is reacting to the play will result in a well-placed pass to someone who is wide open and can make a great shot at the goal. This is more of an analytical capacity, but it’s still extremely important.

Look for a Screen
How well the goalie can see the puck will also decide how capable of making a save they will be. This one’s pretty simple; it’s harder for the goalie to see the puck when there’s traffic in front of the net, but the odds of the puck going through to the net are a little harder. These kinds of shots are a little trickier, but they pay off a lot more, as if the traffic involves a few of your teammates, there is a greater chance of a deflection, and they also improve your scoring chances.

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