Some ways to help you to get Fennec in Rocket League 2022

It’s not just about choosing the most expensive car in Rocket League. Because choosing the best build is so important, that’s why most players choose Fennec.

Psyonix’s amusing car-based soccer game isn’t as straightforward as it appears. The high-powered hybrid automobile game necessitates a thorough understanding of vehicle construction, hitboxes, and engines. With users scouring through the 60+ automobiles in Rocket League to find their perfect option, climbing the ranks with a simple vehicle is no picnic.

But, you don’t need to dig through each category to locate the best car. Octane is the ultimate automobile build, according to both professional and casual players. Fennec is a member of the Octane family, however it’s known for its angular hitbox, which is unlike any other Octane car. Octane has immediately become a player favorite since its introduction on July 1, 2019.

Fennec, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to come by. It was originally a crate drop, thus there’s no easy method to get it in 2022. However, by jumping through a few hoops, players can still obtain their hands on the large hitbox Fennec.

How to get the Fennec in 2022 

Professional players like the Octane family’s Fennec because of its wide hitbox, which ensures maximum contact with the ball. The Fennec is available in the Rocket League in a variety of ways.

Making with Blueprints

In Rocket League, players are awarded rare blueprints at the end of each match. A Fennec automobile can be built using these blueprints.

Fennec blueprints, on the other hand, are extremely rare, so be patient and cross your fingers. You’ll need to pay some credits to make these items into an automobile once you get the drop.


The quickest way to obtain the unique build in 2022 is to trade. Rocket League’s latest trade-in system lets gamers who don’t want to spend credits swap items. Through trade-ins, players can exchange five core items or blueprints for one enhanced item. In return for rare spare drops in your inventory, look for a Fennec blueprint or build to sell. By the way, if you want to get your Fennec from some online store. LOLGA would be a good option for you. In addition to Rocket league News and guide. LOLGA also supports the Rocket League trading service.

Buying from the store

Fennec isn’t completely out of reach. You can buy whatever car build you want from the Rocket League store, but you’ll have to wait. Once the timer restarts, the item shop rotates with new products. Every time you play Rocket League, look in your shop for a Fennec car.

To purchase the build, you’ll need a lot of in-game credits, so bring your wallet. Rocket Pass can be leveled up to purchase and gain in-game currency.

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