The Block Party Event is alive in Rocket League

Psyonix keeps releasing new material to satisfy Rocket League players. Superheroes and supercars have both appeared in the game’s fair share of original content. Naturally, crossovers and cosmetics are fantastic, but don’t overlook the gameplay! Let’s talk specifically about hoops. I have some fantastic news if Hoops is your favorite Rocket League game mode. Today marks the start of Rocket League’s Block Party Event, which includes a brand-new Hoops arena.

Block Arena

The Block Arena is a brand-new outdoor arena in Sovereign Heights park, according to today’s announcement. The Block Party Event is named in honor of this new arena, as you might expect.

We’re introducing The Block Party, a basketball-focused in-game event with some special Block Party Challenge Rewards, to commemorate the building’s completion. You will receive the animated Double Dribble Topper, the Game Time Player Anthem, a Very Rare Drop, and enormous XP Rewards for completing Event Challenges.

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