The exciting HAUNTED HALLOWS EVENT is coming back to Rocket League

“Haunted Hallows” Rocket League’s annual Halloween event, will soon return to the vehicular soccer game.

Psyonix, the game’s developer, has revealed some details about the next event, which will this year focus on Batman and his rogues’ gallery of foes. Special challenges, a limited-time mode (LTM), cosmetic awards, a new arena, and, of course, a selection of Batmobiles will be added to the item shop as part of this DC licensed content.

You can get detailed information from Rocket League official website. The following are some specifics about the Haunted Hallows event.

When is the Haunted Hallows 2021 Event getting started?

The next day, October 14, once the James Bond event ends, Haunted Hallows will replace the 007 content. The Halloween celebration will then last until November 1, giving you only 18 days to enjoy all of the spooky treats.

How To Unlock the Batmobiles

With Rocket League’s Haunted Hallows event, comic lovers will be able to live out their superhero fantasies as three different versions of the Batmobile will be available in the item shop.

The classic Tim Burton model (from 1989), Tumbler from the Dark Knight trilogy, and the behemoth driven by Ben Affleck in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice are all examples.

The cars, as well as the accompanying “Bat-Signal” goal explosions, are available in a bundle. This package will cost 2,000 credits, so get your Rocket League Credits ready, if you lack credits, go check our website-LOLGA, you will get satisfied with Rocket League trading there. Here’s what’s included in these bundles:


Batmobile (1989)

• Reel Life Decal

The Dark Knight’s Tumbler

• Reel Life Decal

Batmobile (2016) 

• Reel Life Decal

Batman 1989 Goal Explosion

The Dark Knight Goal Explosion

Batman 2016 Goal Explosion

New Challenges and Villain Cosmetics

Players will be able to acquire numerous supervillain-themed rewards in Rocket League by completing a variety of new challenges. The “Joker Dominus” decal and a corresponding boost option, which alters the appearance of your car’s exhaust fumes, are among them.

Meanwhile, a “Gotham’s Finest Merc” decal, as well as Poison Ivy cosmetics, a Mr. Freeze wheelset, and a Harley Quinn topper, will be available.

The Haunted Hallows event also has a log-in reward that offers players the title of “Dark Knight.”

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