Use these Rocket League codes for free items

Rocket League features a ton of fun cosmetics for everybody to enjoy. From sombreros to hamster wheels, Rocket League has it all. Thankfully there are a couple of ways to urge some great cosmetics for free of charge. Often, Psyonix will put hidden codes in trailers and promotional content for players to seek out. If you apply these codes, you instantly unlock a singular cosmetic for your car.

Each of those codes will grant you a cosmetic item when inputted. These don’t affect gameplay but will undoubtedly make your car more fashionable. confirm you copy the codes accurately, as they’re case-sensitive. These codes have all been tested and can work.

Working codes:

popcorn – Unlocks an edition popcorn Rocket Boost.
rlnitro – Unlocks “Nitro Circus” Antenna and “Breakout: Nitro Circus” Decal.

Expired codes:

ekind – Limited “VCR” topper
couchpotato – “Couch-Potato” player title.
truffleshuffle – Limited decal for Octane.
shazam – Limted decal for Octane & limited Wheels.
wwe18 – Unlocked 2 random WWE Wheels.
wrestlemania – Unlocked 2 random WWE Banners / Antennas / Wheels.

How to activate the codes

1.From the most menu, head over to options.
2.Select the Extras tab.
3.Click on Redeem Code, then type the code into the box.

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