What are the steps to completing the HUT TOTS Objectives challenge?

On April 23, EA Sports and the NHL 21 team introduced the Team of the Season (TOTS) promotion, which included a slew of high-rated cards. These cards can be obtained by either getting lucky in packs or attempting to complete Sets. If you want to complete all of those Sets, you’ll need to complete the new Objectives challenge, which you can do here.

What are the steps to completing the HUT TOTS Objectives challenge?

There are eight objectives for the Team of the Season promo, and it goes as follows:

• Win 8 games in Squad Battles
• Score 50 goals in Squad Battles
• Win 8 games in HUT RUSH
• Score 25 goals in HUT RUSH
• Take 250 shots on goal (can be done in Squad Battles, Rivals, and HUT Champions)
• Get 40 hits (can be done in Squad Battles, Rivals, and HUT Champions)
• Complete 8 Sets
• Earns 15 Stars in Challenges

After completing each objective, you’ll receive a Team of the Seasons Event Collectible Pack. A non-tradeable Team of the Season Rookie Pack will be given to players who complete all eight.

A Team of the Season Player Item Choice Pack can be obtained by combining Team of the Season collectibles with Gold Collectibles. Alternatively, you may use these TOTS collectibles to get two collectibles: a Gold and an Icon.

Have your games in Squad Battles and HUT RUSH Done if you want to get any of these collectibles? Complete a few Challenges as well, such as those for the Shades of Summer promotion. You will get two 97 OVR cards from that app, which means you can advance in two promotions by only taking a few minutes to complete a series of challenges.

The deadline for the TOTS Objectives challenge is May 7.

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