What new content will Madden NFL 21 Update 1.15 bring?

In the first major Madden NFL 21 update of the new month, Version 1.15 arrived on Thursday, November 5, 2020. supported the title update notes from EA’s Developers, gameplay received the foremost attention, because it usually does.

Dropped interceptions were a problem within the game for touch now, but developers have finally addressed it. They’ve basically fixed the difficulty where a player was causing an INT to be knocked out of their teammate’s grasp. additionally, they decreased catching penalties for defenders catching INTs in traffic. While this may help to scale back the amount of dropped INTs, don’t expect it to completely eliminate them.

The Madden team discovered that QB Draw was overpowered. So this has been tuned where quarterbacks will fumble far more on the plays when not fatigued. Additionally, the devs “added logic to slow down” a quarterback’s acceleration at the top of the dropback on those QB Draw plays. The direction a quarterback can move immediately after catching the snap for QB Draw is additionally restricted some following this update.

New Superstar KO mode, The Yard, and more

The Madden 21 NFL Title Update 1.15 also added something new for fans of Superstar KO mode. there’s now a replacement game mode within that part of Madden 21 called Endless Run.

A few other things worth noting are the addition of the latest gear and Chad Ochocinco for Madden 21’s The Yard mode. They’ve also redesigned the Nike field. it had been formerly a Bo Jackson theme but is now changed to an Odell Beckham Jr. theme.

It’s worth mentioning that Agent K on morning Madden Twitch on Thursday morning said Franchise Mode will soon get an update, so gamers should stay tuned for that. The update and details are expected next week on what may are fixed, tweaked, or changed.

Also, confine mind, Madden 21 next-gen is on the way next month. Since the release date is December 2020, we’re expecting they’ll start releasing details about this as they initiate to release day. So please pay attention to the latest developments on our website – Lolga.com.

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