What You Can Expect from Blade and Soul’s Hongmoon Store Update in March

As Spring is just around the corner, the Hongmoon Store also offers new bundles to help players better enjoy their journey in Earthen Realm. The fresh bundles start on March 4, but are avilable for a limited time. Here is what’s coming to the Hongmoon Store in this month.

The offerings in the Hongmoon Store mainly includes new bundles like Aransu Supply Chest, Grand Celestial Supply Chest, Scarlet Empress Supply Chest, Pet Gem Bundle, Treasured Pet Gem Bundle, Ultimate Pet Gem Bundle, Premium Transformation Bundle, Ultimate Premium Transformation Bundle, as well as new and returning cosmetic items like Kozane Costume Bundle, Varsity Costume Bundle, Midnight Action Hero Costume, Orchid Costume, Imperium Costume Bundle, and Hustler Costume Bundle. Moreover, a new Pet Pouch and a brand-new Treasure Trove will also be added later in this month. You can find more pleasure in the upcoming Spring update.

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