Where can you practice deking in NHL 21?

It’s not easy to master NHL 21’s deking controls, particularly in high-pressure situations such as a competitive game.

To practice each deke, go to NHL 21’s main page, scroll down to the mode selection, and then pick “Training and Practice.” If you want to practice solo dekes without feeling rushed, use the ‘Free Skate’ training, which pits your chosen skater against a goaltender.

Go into ‘Team Practice’ and change the number of players on either side of the ice to practice teamwork dekes like the Between-the-Legs Pass or to try timing the deking against a select number of opponents.

It’s a good idea to go one-on-one in the Free Skate style of Training and Practice while learning the Michigan deke (lacrosse deke) so you’ll have as much room as you need to improve the timing.

It’s a good idea to practice the chip deke (jump deke) and slip deke against one or two defenders to focus on simulating the pressure that will be applied to you, which will help you time your dekes.

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