You can securely obtain RL credits through the online

Credits can be used to buy RL Items such as a player banner or a rocket trail and blueprints to unlock other items. We’ll teach you how to earn credits in Rocket League for free via external trading platforms as well as the in-game store.

Unlike many other free-to-play games, Rocket League does not allow you to earn credits just by playing. You’ll have to get them through the store instead, although there are a few options.

1. The first option is to purchase your credits in full. Because each credit is worth $0.01, 500 credits cost $5. The higher-priced bundles have the same base value per credit as the lower-priced bundles, with a little extra thrown in.

2. You can earn credits with the Rocket Pass, Rocket League’s version of a battle pass, in addition to purchasing them. The Rocket Pass costs 1,000 credits ($10) and rewards you with cosmetic items, XP boost tokens, and credits as you progress through the levels. Up until tier 60, you’ll earn 100 credits every 12 tiers. After that, at tier 67, you’ll receive 100 additional credits before the Rocket Pass reaches tier 70.

3. Picking up a pack in Rocket League earns you credits in the same way as the Rocket Pass does. Packs cost actual money instead of credits and include a variety of cosmetic items as well as some credits. The finest offer is the Starter Pack, which is accessible to all new players. You’ll get an imported body and rocket boost for $5, as well as extremely uncommon wheels and trail, a rare decal, and 500 credits.

4. You also can get Rocket League credits from the online trading website. is the place to go for Rocket League trading. You can post trade requests on the website or in the app, but it’s better if you join the LOLGA Discord channel and do so there. Discord is generally the fastest way to get an answer.

You can only trade with players on the same platform as you, however, because of Rocket League’s cross-progression, you can see your tradeable items from any platform. Unreleased Blueprints, things acquired from the shop, and extra gifts are among the items that cannot be traded. Similarly, you cannot exchange credits for credits or for free credits.

Once you’ve located a trade partner, get on the same platform as them and invite them to your Rocket League party. Then Select Invite to Trade after selecting the player. A countdown will begin once both players have added and confirmed their trade items. During the countdown, you can still cancel the deal. You’ll have your new items after it’s finished.

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