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Path of Exile, developed by Grinding Gear Games, is a game that is very suitable for both single and multiplayer. It is very inclusive and contains a variety of gameplay. With a complex skill system and currency system, Path of Exile gives players a lot of development direction.

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Battlestate Games Revealed Escape from Tarkov’s New Update

According to a post from Battlestate Games on twitter, Escape from Tarkov will receive a new update on March 25, 2020. The new update is expected to be finished in two hours, during this time the game will be not available. Here is a preview of the early patch notes to let you know what to expect.

Early Patch Notes of Escape from Tarkov Update
Fixed various exploits for leveling skills
Fixed invisible obstacles on Shoreline
Fixed a bug when a message about the unavailability of goods would be shown above the list of offers on the flea market
Fixed elevator extraction on Lab
Fixed a bug which allowed to use parts of an equipped weapon for production in the hideout
Fixed a bug which wouldn’t let the character run even though there is available stamina for it
Fixed a bug which caused Error 228 when folding stock on the message screen
Fixed sound overlapping and changed siren sounds on Interchange
Weapon modding interface now has no limits on 21;9 screen format
Some pop-ups now appear in the middle of the screen
Strength skill now gives an additional bonus for sprint
Fixed a bug which wouldn’t allow a player to fold a stock of a gun when he had melee weapon in his hands
Fixed a bug which caused the main menu to not open because of an error
Fixed a bug with quest progress not being shown properly in following raids
Fixed an error which could occur while completing “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” quest
Fixed texture of CAA RS47 handguard
Fixed a bug which caused an inability to crouch when having max overweight
Fixed a bug with inability to pick up items when wearing Slim Field Med Pack backpack
Fixed a bug with missing items when upgrading the pre-order package
Fixed a bug which caused a player to get stuck on a loading screen when canceling matching
Fixed Error 228 which occurred when you would try to put an item in the cells which were occupied by items recently used in crafting
Fixed a bug when weapon preset wouldn’t get saved when returning to preset screen
Various minor bugfixes

Lowered the weight needed for leveling strength skill
Added heavy breathing when the character is out of stamina (sounds of heavy breathing and shaking hands)

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GGG Made Improvements on Path of Exile: Delirium in the Lastest 3.10.0D Patch Notes

Path of Exile: Delirium, first released for PC on March 13, 2020, is live on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 18, 2020. With the release Delirium on all platforms, the developer GGG has continued to make Path of Exile more interesting and playable. They have completed another batch of fixes, which are now being tested for deployment. Here are details of the newest 3.10.0d patch notes to keep you in the loop.

Delirium Improvements

Delirium modifiers are now applied on a per-pack basis. This means that a given pack of monsters will only have a single Delirium modifier, rather than potentially having a variety of different modifiers.

Reduced the difficulty of Delirium monsters at each mist depth.

Increased the drop rate of Simulacrum Splinters.

Significantly reduced the chance of Delirium modifiers appearing on monsters.

Disgust’s mortars no longer deal damage on impact.

Reduced the damage of the stationary volatiles created by Disgust’s mortar skill by 30%.

Reduced the damage that Rage monsters deal by 20%.

Reduced the damage of the projectile skill that Spite monsters use by 50%. Additionally, this projectile skill is no longer affected by additional projectile modifiers. The explosion damage is unchanged.

Increased the range at which Delirium objects that spawn monsters are triggered.

Increased the number of monster packs that spawn when you are far into the Delirium.

Improved the visibility of Shavronne’s Books when under the effects of Delirium.

Fixed a bug where Delirium objects which spawn monsters weren’t spawning in maps affected by Delirium Orbs.

Fixed a bug where capturing Bestiary beasts didn’t give credit towards reward kill counters for Delirium encounters.

Fixed a bug where corrupting a Unique Jewel into a different Unique Jewel didn’t give credit towards the Curious Corruption challenge.


General Improvements

Skills which target monsters when bound to the left mouse button now have a 350ms grace period after being used where they can target a monster if you did not target a monster initially. Additionally, after killing a target while holding down the left mouse button, there is now a 750ms grace period where you can target a new monster and begin attacking it without having to let go of your left mouse button.

Fixed a bug where dual-wielding non-thrusting one-handed swords didn’t count as dual-wielding.

Fixed a bug causing Vaal Side Areas to drop fewer maps than intended.

Fixed a bug introduced in 3.10.0 where the “x% increased Attack Damage while you have Fortify” stat found on the

Unstoppable Hero ascendancy passive and Rampart passive wasn’t working.

Fixed a bug introduced in 3.10.0 causing the Harness the Void ascendancy passive to stop working.

Fixed a client crash that could occur when using Stormbind supported by Spell Totem Support.

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What You Can Expect from Blade and Soul’s Hongmoon Store Update in March

As Spring is just around the corner, the Hongmoon Store also offers new bundles to help players better enjoy their journey in Earthen Realm. The fresh bundles start on March 4, but are avilable for a limited time. Here is what’s coming to the Hongmoon Store in this month.

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